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  • I do the same, it may stink but at least it.s caffeine!We have a Keurig system at home so I'm spoiled! Your trip is coming up soon.
    yeah this year we are going to make it for Mickeys Halloween Party and Christmas Party. I have never been to these events. Last year we were there while they were decorating for Halloween, and we were there in January after they hadn't taken all the Christmas decorations down yet.
    Hi forevermickey, I actually went during those times last year, I forgot to update my "next trip". I am going this year Aug 21-26 for free dining, then back in December for X-mas. Those dates we went last year were awesome, but it was during the pool rehab of Caribbean beach. They opened the pool the day after we left! I hope you enjoy the new pool area at Old Port Royal because it looked incredible through the fence. :D
    Unfortunately it's Nescafe instant coffee!! Yech! If we weren't flying I 'd bring my own small pot! I wish you could request one like you can request a fridge!. Your DD will have a blast this trip, it's so much fun when thet really think the characters are real!
    HI!! The Mickey coffee is very good, you can buy it in all the shops. We were at Disney World in March, it was a difficult trip! We've made plans to go again in Sept. can't wait! How old is your child? Ours are grown except for DS 12
    It was wonderful, your daughter would enjoy it so much. It has changed a lot since i have been. My best friend just went last week for 7nights with my godson and had a wonderful time. I couldn't attend due to work, so they sailed without me. :-( Anything of Disney , it always changes each and every month. One can never do everything no matter how many times you go. I just made all my Dining reservations today. I can't wait.
    I will be going to Kona's in Sept for some pancakes, they look wonderful.
    I had breakfast with Mickey, Lilo and friends it was wonderful, we all had a great time. I went with a party of 15 even. Let me know if you go and how you like it.
    Thanks for the friend request and thanks for noticing how cute my boys are :). Love your picture too. I've only eaten at Kona for breakfast once and I had Tonga Toast (to die for) this trip I want to go back for b-fast and try the Macadmiun nut pancakes. We eat dinner there every trip. I love the prime rib, my husband says the Teryaki Beef is the best steak he has ever eaten. We also love the sticky wings and the deseerts.
    Well he was originaly green in the concept art and looked the same besides that. He was latter changed to pink and his current form fir the original version of the ride.
    As for the travel channel I just check the web online to see what the channel line up is. I also have the seasons of Disney on my Ipod. As I had typed before my family's fav. is we are all different. DH&DD-19 like the rides. Me & DD-9 like the shows.
    Oooh, you mean post a new thread?
    Ok so click on the forum you want to make a new thread in and click "new thread" and you type what you want and submit it.
    When we're going in January, very very few decorations are up if any at all. I believe the last trip, some Osbourne lights were still strung up but they're inactive and there may be some Christmas napkins and popcorn buckets still in use haha.
    Yes, I have seen the Osbourne Lights live! It's truly beautiful and amazing, There are millions of lights!
    Ok, so say you're reading a thread (since you said you click "post message", it sounds like you may be doing it from your homepage, but you have to do it on the thread) and you want to contribute...you click "post reply" (either at the top or bottom of the tread) and you type what you want, and hit "submit reply" and you should see it on the thread.
    That should make it work!
    Hi there :)
    Thanks for the friend request...I see you're from NY.. I'm from CT!
    I love everything about the Poly! The monorail, location, rooms, tropical theming, etc!
    You have to stay sometime...it's the best.
    I see you like SpectroMagic, as do I.
    You change status on the site based on how many posts you have.
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