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    Where to eat after a day @ AK

    Our family absolutely loves all three. I guess I'd use the content of the three as a tiebreaker. Do you typically like upscale cuisine? Jiko does a fantastic job with that. A wide selection? Boma, easy. Something in the middle? Sanaa. I know some people are sensitive to the spices in Indian...
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    Walk from AKL Jambo to Sanaa?

    We've done it before and taken the shuttle van. It runs about every 10 minutes and is just a smallish, 12-passenger van. Quite handy, very easy.
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    Weather in Feburary

    Just to clarify: do you mean the ship's pools or the Caribbean? The pools are heated (which you probably know) and the air temperature is plenty warm to get in and out with no problems, IMO. The Caribbean *can* be warm enough. All 10 of our Disney cruises have been bewteen mid-December and...
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    Disney Magic - Transatlantic Cruise - 19th September 2015 - Cast Members

    Wish I were going--would love to do a Transatlantic cruise someday! Finally convinced my wife it would be a good idea.
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    DCL Magic Norway Fjords Trip Report

    Wow--sounds like a great time! I was talking in another thread about my remorse--we were on the RCI Serenade otS in Copenhagen at the same time as you on the 6th. We loved the itinerary but hated everything else about RCI--wished we were on DCL!!!
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    Update to My Disney Experience web site addresses common MagicBand complaint

    Nice option to have, but I sort of like getting new ones. My wife likes to have the option to color-coordinate her MB with her outfit.
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    Bob Iger at WDW now ... BoD to Follow?

    Perhaps a plan was not coming together. Which, as we all know, is something that they love.
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    Bob Iger at WDW now ... BoD to Follow?

    Interestingly, November 15 of this year (roughly 4 months from now) will be the 50th anniversary of the press conference in which Walt, Roy, and the FL Gov. announced the "Florida Project" to the general public. And although the announced figure at the time was $100m, most agree that the...
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    Bob Iger at WDW now ... BoD to Follow?

    The "government bribes" discussion is both off-topic and highly political. Find a way to weave in a comparison with how well Universal bribes officials and @PhotoDave219 will have to send out the hit squad on you. To the point of the RCID 2020 suitability map: thank you to those who correctly...
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    Walmart seeks zoning for new super center near Disney World

    Roughly 1/3 of a mile between these two in North Dallas. I guess there is a huge interstate highway in between, FWIW.
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    Disney Magic goes Fjordin'

    We knew that about the NCL-PoA going in, and you can kinda tell that there's a difference based on the staff. Part of sailing under a US flag and all is that the crew is almost entirely American--that is, that ship has to comply with American employment regulations. The result is a much younger...
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    Disney Magic goes Fjordin'

    Interesting--good to know. We've actually had decent luck with both Norwegian and Princess. Norwegian has an amazing itinerary around the Hawaiian islands--zero sea days, RT from Honolulu and 2 days on each of the other three major islands. Really great without the 5 straight sea days (sea days...
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    Disney Magic goes Fjordin'

    Glad you had a great time! We were on the Serenade otS. We'd heard good things generally about RCI before, but this was our first RCI cruise. And last. If you want to see my full, long-winded thoughts, here's the review I threw on CC...
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    A Spirited Perfect Ten

    Remove "large groups of" and "ideas". You're all set.
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    Hess Express Gas Stations to be rebranded as Speedway

    Having lived in Orlando for two stretches and sampled a fairly wide variety of gas stations, I know that Hess stations (on WDW property or off) universally did not have those little catches. My assumption was that it was a company policy. Perhaps it was also an RCID regulation, but I know that...
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