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  1. doop

    Which Disney park would you go to?

    I'd love to visit the Disneyland Resort in California, just because it's the original, and because of how much everyone says they love it, but I also want to get to Europe first, specifically Germany. So I'd like to hit up DLP on a potential trip to Germany/Europe.
  2. doop

    Undercover Boss- Disney

    This would be really cool. I watched the 7-eleven episode the other night, very interesting idea for a show.
  3. doop

    Monorail Accident

    Just woke up and went to CNN.com and saw this news story. I couldn't believe my eyes! Very sad.
  4. doop

    Happy Birthday Master Yoda!

    Happy Birthday!! :D
  5. doop

    Big Screen Tower of Terror Being Erected by Disney?

    I kinda like the idea.. if they really did it right.. not like the 90's TV movie. I think it could have some real potential.
  6. doop

    Idol Winner on Feb 7

    That's pretty cool, congrats to her! :D
  7. doop

    Your First Disney Ride?

    I was 6 years old on my first trip in 1996, and our first ride was The Living Seas.
  8. doop

    Monorail Orange has new clothes!

    Not bad... but I just wish they didn't have to decorate them everytime there's a promotion going on.
  9. doop

    WDW Picture of the Day Thread (Part 5)

    Cooleo - Awesome shot of Wishes!! :sohappy:
  10. doop

    Which park do you think has the most potential?

    I'm gonna go with DHS. I've always loved this park and I think it has to do with the Hollywood atmosphere. I think a lot of good things can be done with this space over the next decade, even though an American Idol attraction wasn't the best decision.
  11. doop

    Scratched Queue Walls?

    Some people just don't have respect for anything.. :mad:
  12. doop

    WDW Picture of the Day Thread (Part 5)

    WOW! :sohappy: Wonderful shot.
  13. doop

    Things that gross you out in WDW.

    BLASPHEMY!! :fork::lol: I can't really think of anything off the top of my head at WDW that grosses me out.
  14. doop

    How many of you do this? (I bet a lot of you!)

    Definitely not alone on that one. :lol:
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