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  • Citricos in Grand Floridian is very good! I have heard good things about Narcoossee's too but have never been there.
    How is the running going, getting down there in days I see!!!! I know it still seems ions away but it will be here before you know it, my friend and her husband have decided to sign up for the event in February they are looking so forward to it, thought of you.

    just dropping by to say hello.....
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    thanks how the little stud muffin heart braker.. , and yes its going good .. , the schedule came out for 2014 this wek been looking at parks .. , and times and days .. mom thinks im nuts planning this far out but hey!
    Little heart breaker is still breaking hearts. lol...He is way to smart for his own good..

    Not nuts, smart believe me...
    (continued because it was too long...) I don't need the orthotics anymore because I've been pretty diligent about strength training...if you strengthen your quads/hamstrings that really helps with knee pain. Hope you feel better!
    IT Band pain or something else? Do you have a foam roller? I'd take a day or 2 off and see how it feels, if it keeps hurting you may want to have a doctor check it out. I had Runner's Knee a few years back and my doctor recommended Powerstep Orthotics ($25) which worked great.
    Hey! Thanks for the message. Things are good was colder last week (low 40s) but is warming up this weekend into the 60s! Country Music Half sounds fun!! Can't wait to hear about it.
    That is so awesome! ood for you...2014 it will be here before you know it. I am 19 days away myself from returning. Its going to be the longest freaking 19 days ever.
    Awesome..I have never been in January...nor have I ever done a marathon. LOL. But that should be a blast
    Congrats! My husband and I are officially registered for the Goofy! Ugh! Hope I can do it lol!
    That's awesome!! You are going to have such a blast. Great idea to bring a friend with you...gotta have someone to share the experience with! :)
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