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    MK update 10/1

    that's just wrong. The merchandise should say either WDW or DL!!!!! It's so cheap of them not to print 2 different logos!!!
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    Saw the "Dream Squad" in action today

    :sohappy: Best post EVER!!!!!
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    Epcot Update - 9.27.06

    You must not have made it over to the Land, because that has been re-done with a huge new attraction called Soarn' where you glide over California and 4D show, simply amazing.
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    Ginormous Photo Update (Sep 16-23)

    Spaceship Earth is on there it's the "O"
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    Mickey's Philarmagic

    The volume needs to be turned up on all of them, espeically with the screaming kids in the room. and MPM is the best, followed by a close 2nd with the muppets and then bugs
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    Disney World built on Latitude 33

    I was listening to the radio talk show, "Coast to Coast AM, with Art Bell" last saturday night. They had 2 hours on some very interesting things about how Disney Land and Disney World are between the 33 and 40 deg Longitude lines. Which makes them in the same area as geophyical energy. And how...
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    Tommorowland Going Away

    dont give them any ideas :lol:
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    Tommorowland Going Away

    yes mother, but we were just having a friendly arguement
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    Mirror thrown in bushes next to Monorail

    it's amazing how the pink really makes the castle look so small, like it's actual size.
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    Tommorowland Going Away

    [/I] The only that stinks is your atempt at a snappy come back
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    Tommorowland Going Away

    oh go fry an egg over your head
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    Tommorowland Going Away

    Well PixarLand is just a name in progress, I'm sure too that they will come up with a better name.
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    Tommorowland Going Away

    I heard from a very good source that sometime in 2010 Tommorowland will become "Pixarland". I was told this is a working name in progress, but it will be changed to something along those lines due to the fact that it's too hard and costly to keep updating a land that's about the future since...
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