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    Disney Dining Plan

    Awesome. When we go to Disney World for 1 week we usually spend about $600 on food. Since it’s only 5 days this time it might be less and worth it. With the free dining plan last trip we ate steak at every restaurant we had reservations for. The steak at the sci-fi diner was phenomenal!
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    Disney Dining Plan

    Hello everyone, we went to Disney World during the week of thanksgiving in 2017 and it was absolutely magical. We stayed at the All-Star Resort (can’t remember which one) and we had a free dining plan. The Dining Plan was amazing! So much food that we ate and still have tons of snack credits...
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    Quick question for Disney Fanatics

    Hello everyone, we went to Disneyworld in the week Thanksgiving in 2017. It was fantastic and magical, the Crowds weren’t nearly as bad as I had been reading; it just seemed like a normal summer crowd (minus the MK at night time, that was super busy). So here is my delima and questions and I...
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    Disney World Property Neighborhoods

    Hello all, Does anyone have any in-depth further information on the Disney World Neighborhoods? I know that there is more than one. I’ve made a serious consideration in wanting to purchase a home as a vacation home one day. The money really isn’t an issue as much as picking the right place and...
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    Your favorite relaxing spots.

    I love the people mover too.! I love being on it at night when no one else is and just riding it over and over without getting off
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    Save the Great Movie Ride Petition

    But has it been officially confirmed? We've been reading rumors about this since 2016.
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    Tips for Peak Season

    Way ahead of you!!! We booked our ADR's for all our dining the day it opened up and our travel agent said we were allowed to on the 23rd of May. One for each day we're there along with 7 QS meals and 2 Snacks a day, yum! Super excited to eat another Mickey Bar!
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    Favourite Resturants

    For Quick Service my best memories have been made at the Starlight cafe in Magic Kingdom's tomorrow land. I've been going there since I was a kid and the food has always been great and I go solely for the love of my memories there. I also love Pinocchio's Village Haus in Magic Kingdom as a Quick...
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    Tips for Peak Season

    Any advice on holiday/seasonal treats and deserts the parks or Disney springs sell?
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    Tips for Peak Season

    Avid Disney lover here. Been to Disney World many times. Every time I plan a trip the sadness of wanting to be here/ the excitement of wanting to be there again kicks in. We've always gone in either July or in August before school starts. So it's always been very hot and summery( but worth it...
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    How close are you to WDW?

    In Houston. It's literally 998miles from my house
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    All-Star Sports

    can anyone who has stayed there give me their Honest opinion? Usually when we go to Disney World we stay at a Moderate or above resorts (nothing against Value). We don't usually care for the super expensive hotels because on a Disney trip we only get about 4 hours of sleep a night since we do...
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    Your favorite relaxing spots.

    New to the forums but not new to Disney World. Avid Disney World goer/lover here. We always go during summer but decided to go the week of thanksgiving this year ( we're prepared for the huge crowd). Some of my best memories are at the magic kingdom during the afterhours for the resort guests. I...
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    Most treasured Disney Souvenir?

    My most treasured Disney Item is from the early 2000s. We bought this Mikey Mouse fan that was the shape of Mickey's head ( wasn't a spray fan ) when I was about 5 years old. I've always had it and always treasured it.
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    Magic Bands

    Hello, Few questions. First, could anyone link me a great and reliable sight that sells custom magic band covers. Second, I've been hearing/reading that you don't have to use just Magicbands anymore. Apparently there are these small key chain type magic bands that can hold all of our...
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