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Disney World Property Neighborhoods

Destiny Romayne

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Hello all,

Does anyone have any in-depth further information on the Disney World Neighborhoods? I know that there is more than one. I’ve made a serious consideration in wanting to purchase a home as a vacation home one day. The money really isn’t an issue as much as picking the right place and knowing if it’s worth it. I saw one Neighborhood called Golden Oak that looked to die for. Just wanted everyone else’s opinion. We just got back from being at Disney the whole week of Thanksgiving and as usual, it was so magical and the depression is kicking in hard lol.


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As far as I am aware, there is only one residential community in which people can buy property on The Walt Disney World Resort grounds and (you are right) it is called Golden Oak. Within the community of Golden Oak, there are six distinct neighborhoods: Carolwood, Kingswell, Kimball Trace, Marceline, Silverbrook and Four Seasons Private Residence Orlando. Here is the link to Golden Oaks community the discusses the six neighborhoods in more detail and which homes and home plans that are available in each neighborhood.

The homes in Four Seasons Private Residence Orlando start at $5 million while the homes in the other neighborhoods range from $2 million to $4.5 million.

I consider myself doing very well and greatly enjoy my lifestyle and what I am able to do but it was be nice to be able to say that "The money really isn't an issue". Check out the link and view all the different neighborhoods and good luck with your WDW home search.
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