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    News Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    The concept art looks more like it's using the familiar imagery of Moana in style only to talk about the Polynesian culturals telling stories using the stars. 🤷‍♀️
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    Star Wars Land Opening Date Contest

    If no one has 11/29 yet, I'll take it.
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    Ride Evacs: Your Stories

    We got stopped on Spaceship Earth once, back in 2012, on the descent, so nothing to even look at... and then after about 20 minutes, the lights come on. They had to evac the ride because some idiots got out while they had it stopped... They had stopped it because someone had thrown up in a...
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    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    WALL-E would be a good IP to replace the Circle of Life film at the Land Pavillion....
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    DHS Makeover - What we know so far.....

    Didn't the blog mention the 3rd track for TSMM would be opening late 2016? Any way if they break ground in September 2015 TSL would be done by late 2016? or at least part of it?
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    DHS Makeover - What we know so far.....

    If Star Wars land at DHS and DL are the same, wouldn't the ride development costs be shared? Meaning if the land and rides would cost $1 billion, it would really only cost half to 3/5 of that for DHS?
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    Trip Club May 2015

    I called and talked to someone, they were on hold. Told me I should get a tracking number in the couple of days. Phew!! :D
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    Trip Club May 2015

    So..... my Magic Bands haven't shipped yet... should I be worried? I will have a heart broken little girl if she doesn't get her blue magic band. 3 more weeks!!!
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    Thoughts on Avatar after experiencing Cars Land

    Some friends are joining us on several days of our Disney Trip (they are staying in Daytona) and we were told that they have no interest in joining us at Animal Kingdom, the only thing they enjoy there is EE and if they wanted to see animals they can just go to the zoo. (I understanding AK is...
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    Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise to close for a near month long refurbishment in the Spring

    I have a FP booked for May 13th and haven't gotten any emails....yet.
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    Villains Unleashed 2015?

    They should just do fall "villian weekends" at DHS. Same as frozen, have a parade during the day and fireworks at night along with meet and greets and dance parties and shows. Have the ultra rare villians be tier 1 FP+. That way everyone knows if they can see their favorite villian or not. Then...
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    Trip Club May 2015

    We've used magical express for all our trips. I love it. Never had any problems and bags arrived in our rooms pretty quickly. Make sure your name and the luggage tag with your resort is on your luggage. My only complaint ever was just that it can sometimes take a while for a bus to arrive... but...
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    Trip Club May 2015

    Okay, so I have our dining reservations all set, FP+ is complete, just paid my balance. Now just need to call Disney to add our flight info, rent a stroller, and...wait. I hate waiting.
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    New DME departure protocol

    It has been a few years but last time I went on DME there were two separate drop offs depending on your airline. I don't remember where or what level we were dropped off on but I remember the two sites because the bus driver kept saying which airlines he was dropping off first and who should...
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    Trip Club May 2015

    I had a dream the other night... or actually a nightmare... that we forgot to make Fastpass+ reservations and my Husband's MagicBand wouldn't work and Disney CMs carted him off... I'm not obsessed or anything... :rolleyes:
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