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  • Hey Erika! Hope you're having a great day! I was wondering if you could please edit this post and change the first word to 'Best'. It's driving me crazy that I made that typo in the title and it's still like that. LOL
    Hi Erica & Good Morning to you.
    I was wondering I am trying to post a thread with pictures. I was cutting and pasting it in. My pictures did not come out on the thread. Is there a special way to post a thread with pictures?
    Thanks so much and you have a great day ok.
    Have very nice memories of family rides from not too....long ago.
    Had a second seat/wheel attachment that the youngest loved, couldn't remember the manufacturer name, wasn't quite as fancy as the link I sent you, but solid and put to good use.
    Hi Erika! I'm back and wanted to say 'hi'. How are you? and your baby and John?
    Aw..Glad she and you did good...sweet about what she said..:)

    My sister wants to keep her one night..she has two boys 6 and 4 and Maggie loves being with them..so maybe we will try soon..

    We are trying to get her in preschool for August and she is dead set against it saying she needs to stay with me..lol..

    So, I need to do something to try and get her used to the fact that she will be okay and that I will come back for her.

    I will let you know when we do..I may be a mess but hopefully she will be fine..lol
    I knew it was in March..

    Maggie has never spent the night away from me yet..she needs too but I do not know if I can do that yet..haha

    Let me know how she does..:)

    Maggie is great..we go on the 26th to see if she can get her tube taken out..she has not used it since Nov..we are hoping..:)

    All is well with her though..:)
    What theme did you use?
    ...and I was hoping for a bit of Radiator Springs action....
    think you're going to want to know before hand?
    Wonderful news Erika, I'm so happy for you.
    As to being a week off from Caroline....as it is your second....it's easier to "make up time", not that you're in any hurry of course.
    So what theme are you going to do this room (now that the impressive precident has been set)?
    Sounds great Erika. A first trip to DL after being familiar with WDW is a great treat (I think). A lot of familiar mixed with a lot of new stuff for all three of you. Looks like I will be able to visit for a few days the week of Nov. 10....always a good thing!
    Be well!
    Hi-I see that you are moderating today and I was wondering if you could help. When I check my user CP page it shows I have zero subscribed threads. However, I'v eposted in quite a few over the last month. Anyway, it makes it hard to find the threads. Do you know how I might fix this?
    Thanks, Dennis
    Just wanted to say hi to you...:)..have not seen ya around much..

    Hope thatMiss Kara is doing great..

    Would like a update on her when you get a chance..:)
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