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  • HI... I think you confused your stroller with mine. You placed a bag in it from the "Pirates of Caribbean" area. If you are staying at the resort, we can leave it at the Concierge to have it delivered to you.
    That is good to hear! Hopefully no problems will arise from it... I mean c'mon... they are Disney after all! Its showing support of family fun :)
    I understand that! I can at least put a watch or bracelet over mine (in case someone were to complain) ;)
    :wave:Hi are you going to be in a big group?? I will be in "our" favorite park Epcot on the 4th. If youre going to be there that afternoon lets get together and have a drink!
    I like your tats in your avatar! I have the JII one myself on my left wrist.. I am planning on getting another, but not sure which one and where yet. Maybe my foot.... decisions, decisions.
    Just read your "priceless" T-shirts. The divorce settlement one just about made me ______ myself laughing.. kudos to you. =)
    It was absolutely great going solo -- just different than going with family or friends. Dining solo was what I was the most nervous about, but in the end, it didn't really matter. Other diners were so into themselves that they didn't notice me, and the service I received was excellent.

    For me, the best thing was just going with the flow. I think I hit 3 parks in one day, but I also found that because I was solo, I pushed myself more in the parks than usual. Usually, I have my son with me to slow things down and I found myself on the go more often than not.

    I guess my advice would be to take time to yourself (not the parks) and relax!

    If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me again :)
    Hello there, I saw a few posts from you from a few months ago that you took a solo trip. Was that your 1st time going alone? Im just wondering, bc I am going alone this fall and just wanted to know how you liked it. And to see what I'm in for. I can't wait, but I know it'll be different without my family. Have a great day!
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