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    2015 Epcot Food and Wine Festival

    I think it's just a cute name meant to create curiosity. But it's delicious.
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    2015 Epcot Food and Wine Festival

    No Terra and no vegetarian haggis. I'm a sad vegetarian. :( Guess I will have to eat twice as many desserts. :p
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    The Magic Of Disney Animation closing?

    I don't think Character-Palooza has existed for a few years because my impression was it was to make up for days of the week when there was no Fantasmic! performance. It definitely wasn't happening at the Magic of Animation. I think any rare characters show up at Epcot nowadays.
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    Sad News: Three-year-old drowns at Art of Animation Pool

    Keeping this family in my thoughts today, as well as the lifeguards and cast who were on the scene. Heartbreaking for everyone.
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    New look Marie now appearing at MK

    LOL now I am dying to know where this place is. to be relevant... Marie is there because she's a cute kitten! (People do point her out as Hello Kitty) And her new look prevents her looking cross-eyed. Great change.
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    Gardens Kiosk at Disney's Animal Kingdom has a new look and new healthy eating menu

    The Harambe Market opened with not a single vegetarian item, so it's good to have some new options in another location.
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    A Spirited Perfect Ten

    Sadly, the Dinoland Dance-a-Palooza dance party ended in early May. We attended the last one. I loved that little party because it was the only way to see Gypsy and Slim from A Bug's Life, and others from a group including Meeko, Brer Rabbit, Mushu, Thumper, Miss Bunny, Brer Fox. I hope those...
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    Disney Quest to close in July 2017

    In a manner of speaking - last time we were there we couldn't get the touch screens to work. I'm going to miss the booths where you create a Mad Libs-type song the most. We laughed ourselves silly over those songs.
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    New D-Zone relaxation area coming to Epcot next week

    I haven't seen any announcement other than this website and other sites citing this website. We just happened to pass by it two days ago and were pleasantly surprised to see some tables and chairs had appeared. It's not like it was written up like the infamous benches.
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    New D-Zone relaxation area coming to Epcot next week

    I love this board. Where else can one go for five pages of discussion of an obscure, super-cooled hallway? (I love this hallway. It's huge, so throwing some chairs and a concession stand in it only makes sense.)
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    The Magic Of Disney Animation closing?

    If the entire area is closing... what will happen to the footprints of the then-surviving Nine Old Men? This is my biggest question.
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    Disney selling "chocolate animal poop"?

    Visited yesterday. These items are subtly placed on the bottom shelf of a gorgeous candy selection. The caramel apples and marshmallows are even better than usual. Zuri's is beautiful. WDW knew exactly what they were doing - drive everyone to check out Zuri's.
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    Hiro and Baymax leaving this week?

    Thank goodness it sounds like they got a reprieve. The queue area at DHS is really nice and the line has been long every time we went. This must be due to technical issues. Thanks to character people for hanging in there for a month or two because kids 9-12 would have been devastated. They just...
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    Liberty Tree Tavern closing in July for near 5 month refurbishment.

    Apropos only of the LTT.... Liberty Tree Tavern used to have this menu item called Amber Waves of Grain... vegetables on a bed of bulgur wheat. It was so delicious. Then at some point the Amber Waves of Grain disappeared (I guess when dinner became one menu?), and I stopped eating there. Please...
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    Innoventions into Big Hero 6

    If this were an actual robotics expo like at the beginning of the film... say with participation from the many labs that were thanked in the credits of Big Hero 6... this could be amazing! We were sad to see THINK go and this would be a great replacement.
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