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Recent content by ariel84

  1. ariel84

    Epcot Question

    Although there may be some truth in this story, i highly doubt it. The original concept for World Showcase was to have it housed in two semi-circular buildings located next to the seven seas lagoon. These buldings opened out onto a central courtyard - the courtyord of nations. The feature of...
  2. ariel84

    Lines from Disney

    My sister and I really love Test Track, whenever we are on the ride we repeat almost every line allond with the soundtrack! When cornering in our own car at home i always say: "Increase Speed For The Loop" It makes us think of WDW evertime!
  3. ariel84

    What's Disneyland Paris like?

    I agree with married@WDW. The Disneyland Resort Paris is fantastic. Ok it may not be as big as wdw, but it still has its good points. The hotels are so well designed, with the Sequia being my favourite. And everything is so close, no annoying bus rides as the parks are only a short walk away...
  4. ariel84

    Restaurant at DLP

    What does everybody think of as the best reastraunt at DLP? The one with the nicest atmosphere, best food etc. Mine would have to be the Steakhouse in the Disney Village. The menu choice is large and the atmosphere is fantastic with live piano music etc.
  5. ariel84

    Where to stay?

    Try to stay along RER line A, then getting to the parks is simple and easy, even if you are in central paris the trip is only 40 minutes and the DLP station is really close to the theme park entrance. If you can afford it try to stay in a Disney hotel, they are much closer and you get park...
  6. ariel84

    Sequoia Lodge Rooms

    Just got back from my best trop ever to DLP. The sequoia was a fantastic hotel. I cant really answer your question as the hotel is so large. As far as I can tell none of the montanna rooms look out onto the car park. Rooms normally look out onto a forest of pine and sequoia trees. Don't worry...
  7. ariel84

    Sequoia Lodge Rooms

    I'm going to Disneyland Paris on the 14th and staying in a montanna room. I have been told that these are much better than the standard rooms. I will have a look and find out where it is best to be situated.
  8. ariel84

    Fastpass Question

    Does anybody know if the computer system check to see if the park ticket used is valid for that day? Do you think that an expire one day pass could be used to obtain an extra fastpass and to cheat the system?
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