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    Star Wars Ep. 9 Thread

    You don't, unequivocally. You clearly categorize one group of people sharing the same gender and race as all having the same belief. Blocked, I don't need bile like that.
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    Star Wars Ep. 9 Thread

    That's sexist and racist. Way to paint with a broad brush. No females or minorities had any issues with the movies. They were all in agreement of their unanimous love for the Disney ST.
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    Star Wars Ep. 9 Thread

    It's amazing how someone can watch something and think someone is compelling and someone else can watch something and think the ST3 are dull as dishwater and have no investment in them at all after two entire movies. For the record, I also have no investment in Kylo Ren and think he is nothing...
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    Star Wars Ep. 9 Thread

    Really sad. I had such optimism back in 2012 when the purchase was announced and they soiled the bed three times (although RO is fantastic and I love Mando, Solo is fun). Jelly of the month club enrollment instead of an actual Xmas bonus that you were counting on so you could put in a pool...
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    Star Wars Ep. 9 Thread

    Stuff is leaking all over the place with the premiere tonight.
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    NFL 2019-20 Discussion Thread

    Where exactly is this coming from? He's flip flopped a dozen times on whether or not he wants to play in the NFL again. He's a nutter. Caveat emptor
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    Poll: What is your favorite Star Wars Movie?

    Had to go with ESB but sometimes it's ROTJ.
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    The Imagineering Story on Disney+

    Chapek has all the personality and enthusiasm of a wet towel.
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    Star Wars Ep. 9 Thread

    Um, the German BK thing is wild. Not sure if it is legit but it matches with the leaks. So if the leaks are legit... You can't make this stuff up.
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    NFL 2019-20 Discussion Thread

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    SPOILERS: The Mandalorian S1 Chapter 5

    Amy Sedaris was definitely channeling Ripley, at least look wise. Loved this episode.
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    What are you watching on Disney+ right now?

    Mando Imagineering Story Episode One of the World According to Jeff Goldblum Steamboat Willie Mickey's Christmas Carol Muppet Christmas Carol The Black Cauldron Fantasia 2000 Treasure Planet Home on the Range Brother Bear Empire of Dreams Mr Boogedy The Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones...
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    Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, Star, & hotstar)

    It was ok. Seemed a bit to PR-ish, patting ourselves on the back, etc. to me.
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    What song are you listening to currently?

    Helmet-Wilma's Rainbow
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