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Wreck it Ralph characters

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Photo courtesy of tumblr (sorry if someone already posted this).

According to the tumblr post, he's set to be at DHS by October 28th. I don't know how true that is.


I really love how nicely the characters quality of appearence has greatly improved over the years. Some amazing work there...love seeing the new kids on the block before they are...well, on the block!



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It looks good....Just wish that the DreamSmirk wasn't involved...

Oh incase your wondering what I mean...It's this...Animation logic to make the main character showing that scheming is involved by lifting one eyebrow up and one down with a cleverishly looking smirk to show they are there to cause trouble but have fun doing it...


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I definitely am! I'm so pumped to see the movie, I hope I get a chance to see the characters at the parks before they (presumably) disappear!


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Oh, wow! This is probably the best adaptation of a character I've ever seen at the parks! She looks just like her! I really, really wish I could go to Disney World now, if only just to get her autograph. I haven't even seen the movie yet and I can already tell that she's going to wind up being one of my favorite characters of all time.


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Though I doubt TDO would fund it even if Wreck It Ralph is a hit, wouldn't it be great to see Sugar Rush folded into the candy portion of the Boo to You parade in future Not So Scary Parties?

Magenta Panther

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After watching the trailer I see a ride that could stem from this for Tomorrowland or DHS, if popular and it goes over. Of course it would take them a decade or two to actually do it. :confused:

And very likely couldn't include Sonic or Q*Bert characters. The rights would cost Disney a fortune. But who needs them? A ride based on Ralph could be awesome without those cameos.

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