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  • I kind of assumed no one missed them since I'd been distracted so long. I can finish them when I get a chance if someone does.
    Hey, did you hear about The Little Mermaid? It has its final broadway performance on Aug. 30. Lion King and Mary Poppins will then be the only Disney shows left. In 2007, they had four...... I wonder what their next venture is?
    It's okay... I'm sorry but I don't know your name : ) Thanks for sticking up for me though. I'm Abby. I'm 12 and Potterygal's daughter. We worked it out through PM's and we're friends now. Sometimes it takes a misunderstanding to start a relationship. :)
    Dear Tubageek,
    I did give Love You Disney a sincere apology and when I posted that I didn't realize that it was a non-Disney thread and I'm sorry about that. I give my apologies to anyone who was in that thread too.
    The Rude Twilight Movie Hating 13 Year Old Boy From the Non- Disney Thread
    yes just got an email I didnt realize that was spam i thoguht maybe one of th efellow posters worked there or soemthing.. SORRY
    That sounds like a HYPOTHETICALLY great idea to me! That's okay if you can't do it right away, it's very nice of you to offer.
    Yeah, I've heard those rumors about it possibly coming to Broadway, I hope they're true. I don't have the soundtrack. I was trying to get it for a while, they have used copies on amazon now starting at around sixty dollars, but I'm not sure I really want to pay that much for a cd that's not even in english. lol. I actually posted a thread last week in the motion pictures, animation, etc. section of the forum asking anyone if they knew how to get the mp3 files online or something, but no replies. Hopefully it will come to broadway in the next few years, then we'll have the soundtrack in english!

    As for the phantom sequel, I've got to say I don't think it's such a good idea. It just seems kind of, I don't know, fanfiction-y. I don't really know anything about it, though.
    Stay in college...then come to WDW...it's near impossible to move up the ladder without that important degree. I love my job...but the prospects of what I'll be able to do with the company once I'm out of school really keeps me going.
    Just finished yesterday doing special effects for Beauty & The Beast and I'll be directing Snow White this summer. I do just about everything in the theatre (act, direct, lighting, produce, etc.). I recently haen't been acting for community theatre since I found a venue that pays.

    As for Sioux Falls, I went to Cleveland Elementary for my 3rd through 5th grade year.
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