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what do you drive?


I Demand a Snackrifice
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Another update. Adding that car to my insurance doubled my premiums. ARRRRRRGH


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2002 Chevy Cavilaier there. It is my father's late parents, my paternal grandparents car I have had since 2012.

John park hopper

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Not something I drive my neighbor recently found a 40 Ford in a swamp with the original flat head 8 not much of the body left he is making it into a Rat Rod should be awesome when it's done


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I drive a 2015 Honda Odyssey (Touring Elite edition: it does everything but make waffles). I bought it in October, trading in my 2005 Honda Accord with over 250,000 miles (which was still running like a top)! It's perfect for us right now, with the kids getting older and road trips (rather than distant destinations) being more of a focus for our limited vacation time.

DH drives a 2005 Honda Pilot (also with over 250K miles) that was purchased back in 2006, at the same time as the old Accord. We'll be keeping it as a "beater car" and adding a newer Accord for DH within the next year. Our vehicles may not be terribly sexy or exciting, but they sure are reliable (sort of like DH and I ourselves, LOL)!


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I drive a jaoply, 2002 Blazer with almost 195k miles. We got it from my wife's brother when he was going to let it go back to the dealer. She drove it while I had a 97 Blazer and then it started having cooling and exhaust problem that made it consume gas at an astronomical rate. So, I got her a new Mazda 5 and took her Blazer and fixed it and sent the 97 to the scrapyard. Her Mazda got totalled by some punk kid who ran a stop sign so I got her a brand new Explorer(new in 2015). Once that note is paid off next year, I'll take that car and she'll probably get an upgrade to a Suburban.

I used to have a 91 CRX HF with a DOHC ZC motor in it with a 14b turbo setup at 9lbs of boost. I miss the heck out of that car.


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2003 Chevy Suburban in its 3rd engine and 2nd tranny...350,000 miles on it, body (the truck, lol) is in good shape...I bought it new and since a new one is 60k +, it was much cheaper to replace the 2 major items...plus, it still drives GREAT
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