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what do you drive?


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Well have an update, if you look back you can see the Honda CR-V we use to own. Well the lease was up on that one and we'd like to introduce our newest car. It's a 2017 Honda HR-V, it's like a Honda CR-V and Fit had a baby. It's also our first car in a long time that isn't blue. We've always had blue cars but the wife wanted a red one, so here we go.



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The more fuel efficient daily driver is on the right, a 2013 Focus ST, the far less fuel efficient, but more able to be driven in the desert and rocks is a 2010 Jeep Wrangler. The dog only gets to ride in the Jeep.
2102 RAM 1500 Big Horn (mine)
2005 Ford Escape (Wife)
1999 Harley Heritage Softail classic
1965 Mustang Converible (work in progress again) son took it to college and had an accident (my fault for letting him take it)
1957 Ford 2dr Custom
1956 John Deere model 40 tractor restoration in progress (forgot to list)
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I came very close recently to trading in my mini for a new and unsold 2016 RS. But the dealer started to play games with numbers, and I wasn't having it.
If it was recently as in this year, they should be trying to offload the 16 RS for $35k or under, no questions. Tons of dealers shot themselves in the foot by marking up a freaking Focus and because of that reputation, the cars didn't move as fast as they thought they would.

Also, all 2016s and most 2017s need the HG recall done. Fun car, but needs a tune to really wake it up. I'm going to get one at some point.
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