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This topic has often been used for some simple questions.

Is anyone willing to send me their american/canadian adres (PM) to use for the contact form on the runDinsney site? It's impossbile to use the form without an adres and that system isn't international ...

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If you look back a page or two, almost all of the posts were me. I kind of figured
the discussion had died also. I have still been running. Still dealing with some
knee issues, but really didn't feel the need to post about it.


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I ran a slow four miles today in the heat of Tennesssee. I am legit thinking this 2022 Dopey will be my last. My wife stopped doing the marathon a couple of years ago, and she actually enjoys the weekend. I think I could be okay with that too, after being a perfect Dopey.


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Didn’t run much today (except during the thunderstorm 😉), but did get about 12 miles worth of steps in around the Bay Lake area before closing time (plus a 6 hour drive from SC at 2am!) 😁

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Did some ”running” in my aquagym class last night 😉 Always makes me laugh when they have us run across the pool - even in the shallow end the water comes up just below my shoulders; it makes me think of cartoon images when the legs are moving fast but the character doesn’t move ahead any 😆

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