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What did you do?

Edward Jackson

Well-Known Member
5 and a half last night. Weather in the Northeast has not been too bad. 50 degrees last night. Doesn't get dark until after 5:00pm,
so that helps with the beginning of an afternoon run.

Edward Jackson

Well-Known Member
4 miles Saturday 30F and sunny, 2.5 miles this morning, 63F and muggy Florida-like. Going to be cold again this Saturday. It's February in the south.
Honestly didn't realize you had that kind of fluctuation. I am in the Northeast. Temps have been within about a 20 degree range over the past week, from the 20s to the 40s.


Premium Member
So unmotivated to run ... which is usually when I need it most 😉. So I looked towards the mountains and saw the storm coming in, looked towards my neighborhood and saw some faint blue patches in the clouds and quickly changed to run the 2.2 miles home. A good third of it was with with the wind pushing against me but I managed to get home just before the storm hit 😃
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