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What did you do?


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Wednesday - 1st run outside since I got my new Garmin 3.2 @ 12:35/mi + upper body (50 mins)
Today - Circuit/Quick Fit -45 mins


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Still here trying to get my knee healed up. Going to WDW tomorrow for some Christmas then back to training for Arizona Rock and Roll next month. Been enjoying sleeping in. A lot.


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Oh yeah, we're fine. It was a sudden jolt, as if a huge truck hit the building but without the crashing sound. Felt like my bed was swaying for a few seconds. The earthquake was actually a 4.4 in Tennessee and we felt it in middle Georgia.

Trying to get back on the road again. Started with a slow 2-miler this morning. Beautiful crisp 33F morning, no wind. Very nice.
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