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What did you do?

JillC LI

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Means you need to run faster, get away from the germs. Wait, that won't help on a treadmill. = p Seriously though, get better.
Thanks. I was out of commission for nearly a week with that cold. Turned out to be much worse than I expected. Even had to take a day off of work. Finally ran 5 miles on Monday and another 3 on Wednesday. I am back to normal now.

Thinking safe thoughts for those in Irma's path. I have lots of family in Florida so it is rather scary.


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13.1M done.

Ran a 10M race in a PR; 1:17:40. I did the same race previous year, it was my first training for DLP half 2016 back then; clocked 1:20:50. 10M record was 1:18:50

Afterwards, one of the students from the bussinesteam of my work didnt show up, so I ran a 5K race aswell. Terrible time but finished, helped my students to a good start.

And; ran in style. Was in my I did it shirt from DLP half to cheer for my students, wasnt prepared to run in sportwear.



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Well in all honesty,

With football season starting, I might go a little heavy on "celebrating"......which over the years could be a larger contributor to my slow down than I like to admit....So I am changing some things this Fall/Winter starting this week.

So my weekend runs were not very good, but I did them

Week One of Dopey Training:
Thursday: Morning/Weights, afternoon brisk (for me) 3 mile at 9:40
Friday: Morning/Weights, afternoon 5 miles, at a very slow pace (I did 100 squats on Thursday)
Saturday: 6 Miles at slow 10:30 pace
Sunday: 10 miles at 9:41 pace
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The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter
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I've been MIA for awhile. Back's bothering me, caught a bug from my daughter, one of my new eye's caught pink eye (that wasn't fun to clear up) and then Irma decided to pay the state a visit....

House is still standing, that big tree in my front yard didn't cleave it in two, no trees down on my street this time, relatively unscathed. Even was able to have a hot breakfast yesterday morning. And then power went out as Irma stated to move through the Florida Panhandle. Still out, but hoping my neighborhood will be restored today since the city got more than 50% restored yesterday. Miami and SW Florida got pummeled Sunday. And the Keys...do they still exist? The military has finally reached the Keys with boats, other equipment, food, water and engineers to inspect the bridge and roads. I'm afraid we may have some casualties - humans and other animals. But the Hemingway cats survived, along with a few Key deer. We up here in NW managed to escape with relatively little damage. Jacksonville got hammered with storm surge. Jose didn't help by stalling and pushing water towards the St. John's. Hope those of you in Georgia are okay. The pictures of flooding in Charleston, SC, were scary.

Time to get serious and get back to training for W&D. May get swept during Half but if that's the case, so be it. Too many things on my mind right now.

Today will be clean up (yea, get to clean out the frig again). Tomorrow, back to training. Got a decent night's sleep last night, even without power, the first in several days. The low 60s temperatures Irma brought have been a godsend when you don't have A/C and it's September in Florida.
@LAKid53 - I'm so glad the damage in your neighborhood was less severe than projected. It's really mind boggling to see pictures of various islands in the Caribbean and the Keys. Mother Nature has got some serious attitude this year!

Ran about 2.3 miles tonight in a collective training.


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I'm back. We lost power about 1000 Monday at got it back Tuesday afternoon. I'm one of the lucky ones. Down to 330,000 without power in Georgia. Was close to a million. Georgia Power is getting it done. A big tree blocked the main road but some of the neighbors handled that quickly. We have a lot of handyman small business owners out here.

Decided to go for a 3-miler Tuesday morning after sunrise and didn't see that fallen power line until I ran past it. It was a spur to a few houses and was unpowered luckily for me. Saw the golf course maintenance crew out surveying the damage. Still had enough hot water in the tank for a shower before work. The office had power so I was able to go there and charge all the devices. Then got home and emptied the fridge of all the spoiled food.

Went for a 5-miler at 0500 this morning and had to slow down so I wouldn't trip over the branches and pine cones in the unlighted areas. Got tangled up in a big one but didn't fall. Power was up but there are still some patches between street lights.

So yeah, Irma didn't stop my first week of Goofy training. :)

JillC LI

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Planned 4 miles for Tuesday evening. Was totally exhausted and not in the mood so I told myself I could just do 3. Changed clothes and started running, and wouldn't ya know it, adrenaline kicked in and I happily did 4 after all. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting

As an aside, I'm contemplating a trip during Xmas week 2018 for my 50th birthday (Uni 12/21-22, WDW 12/23-27). Am I nuts? We always get to the parks before rope drop - will I be able to get in a few rides in the early mornings and hit the headliners with FP+s in the afternoons? Or will we literally be sardines from opening til closing? Will we be able to get good ADRs if I call 180 days out? We don't celebrate Christmas but would enjoy the holiday festivities. On the fence here.