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What did you do?


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Did a 10M race Sat, 8:02 pace. Was hoping for sub 8, but eh. Sunday was spent at the beach, Mon was bike, and today was 2.56@2i@7:53.
A 12.1 km race amid the vineyards - with more than 800 feet of elevation gain. All I wanted to do was go home, take a long hot shower and relax. Instead I went home, quickly showered to be able to pick up school supplies with my DD, bring her to her horseback riding lessons, bring the car and supplies home, go back and pick her up, and then go run more school related errands. I think I will soon open the bottle of wine I received for participating in the race and go to bed early ;)


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6.2 miles, 47:20.

Pace was okay, great run. Shin(s) are sometimes acting up, so it's time to focus on recovery, make as little training miles as possible, increase the weight training and hometrainer cardio. Praying it will be okay, otherwise it'll be a run with some pain and acceptance of the shin split afterwards the DLP weekend.