Unpopular Disney World Opinions


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1) With the exception of Journey Into Imagination, Epcot 1.0 was not nearly as good you remember. Especially Horizons.

2) The original Disney MGM Studios, while enjoyable, was not worth a repeat visit.

3) "Now is the Time" was a better song than "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow".

4) Disney food can be bland and texture-less because that's what most Americans prefer.

5) Dinosaur: Countdown to Extinction is actually a pretty good ride.

6) Disneyland park is better than the Magic Kingdom.

7) A lot of things at Disney World are actually better now than they used to be.
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1. The introduction of MagicBands was life changing and helped my cat beat a bad case of feline barrel fever.
2. Naegleria Fowleri is one of the best bands to emerge from Pakistan, but it's still music that will rot your brain.
3. The original steam powered Monorails, while highly inefficient, were something special.
4. Third sink from the left in the Cosmic Rays men's bathroom has the best valve action - wayyy better than that crap faucet at the TTC that everyone fawns over.
5. The DDP, while being too much for many guests, was actually a pretty good wrestler and deserves our respect.
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I only ate at the Biergarten once, and while the food was fine, I just wasn't into sharing my table with folks I didn't know, especially since they all kept staring at me like I was an axe murderer!
It was especially awkward when my autistic son was unable to stop talking about how they 'kinda stink'.

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- Galaxy's Edge is great

- Stitch was not even the worst ride in Tomorrowland

- I can listen to IaSW all day long

- DHS five years ago was the best park in Orlando

- strollers and alcohol should be banned from the parks

The Empress Lilly

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After my visit this past January, Buzz Lightyear is easily the worst attraction on property, mainly because of how it is the most poorly maintained attraction.
- Buzz is garbage! Most of the time you can't even see what your laser hit. Why is this junk popular?

- FEA is garbage after the first scenes. Anna and Kristoff: 'are you excited to hear Elsa with projected on Michael Jackson whiteface sing Let it go!?'

- FoP is only the third best ride in DAK. And only so because Kali. Dinosaur and Na'vi are fantastic rides that somehow came out average.

- The Poly bungalows are the trashiest rooms on property. A trailer park for parvenus.

- Current SSE is a good version.


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1. Rise of the Resistance, albeit a good attraction, is way over hyped/overrated.

2. Slinky Dog Dash is a lame waste of space.

3. TSMM is a fantastic and fun attraction.

4. I do not at all care for live entertainment or even pause for a moment to watch any of it.

5. MISSION: Space is WAY better than Horizons.

6. A new up-charge event should be added to at least MK - an adults only after hours. Just like the regular after hours but without kids.


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1. The vast majority of Disney merchandise is terrible (build quality, graphics on t-shirts, hats)
2. Disney's step back in customer service/Disney magic many remember started when they built the All-Star resorts and has continued from there with their gradual increase of value line properties
3. Every ride Disney has produced has far exceeded competitors offerings for that same time period and doesn't deserve the criticism (no fair to judge POTC against HP at Universal)
4. Removing the GAC has significantly cut down on the electric scooters congestion in the parks and wait times in lines now that the 'front of line every time' is gone.

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1. Disneyland is currently better than Disney World in all areas of analysis and is better value for the money, especially when considering upgrades.
2. Disneyland Paris is actually good. No, seriously. I took a solo trip to DLP while studying abroad and DLP's It's a Small World may just be the best version I've ever experienced.
3. Animal Kingdom is currently the best park at WDW.
4. Tomorrowland is thematically inconsistent and the worst land in MK.
5. Rock 'n Roller Coaster has reached the end of its lifespan, and was never a good fit for DHS in its post-working studio lifetime.
6. Had Great Movie Ride been retrofitted to bring it into the 21st century, it would have been one of the best rides on property. Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway seems like it will be what GMR should have been, ride scheme wise.

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1. Walt Disney World is not overpriced.
2. Dole Whips are WAY overrated.
3. Coke is better than Pepsi, and Disney is smart for recognizing this.
4. Animal Kingdom would be better with a little less authenticity and a little more "Disney".
5. The dining plan is worth the money.
6. Bob Iger is not, in fact, Satan.
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