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  • Nice to meet you fellow Disney lovers too!
    I grew up in Huntington and have been out here with my wife for about 6 years now. So I know all about Little V's after the bars in the wee hours and have ordered from Little V's out here too.
    Wife is very jealous that you guys are going down there twice this year. :lol: We fell in love with November/December in Walt Disney World. :xmas:. Christmas Lights, fake snow, and people just seem nicer and more courteous. Pins help too! Her First Time pin, Just Married, Honeymoon, and Anniversary seemed to go a long way. We've stayed at Carribbean Beach and Port Orleans Riverside. Hoping to save enough for a Contemporary or Grand Floridian stay.
    Take care
    St. James/Smithtown here :wave: and also newlyweds; 11/13/10.
    Went down to Walt Disney World in 2008 for a friends wedding (Her first trip), 2009 to propose, 2010 for Honeymoon and 2011 for 1 yr anniversary. Created a monster. :goodnevil
    Don't know about this year though but have fun down there in a month!
    i'm actually from the smithtown area. the baymen in my user name refers to the baseball organization i've been a part of since i was a young boy, which is based out of ronkonkoma. i do get the hampton bays question a lot though. i actually do know someone from remsenberg, which i know is more out by you, disneydiva.
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