Unpopular Disney World Opinions


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5. Rock 'n Roller Coaster has reached the end of its lifespan, and was never a good fit for DHS in its post-working studio lifetime.
6. Had Great Movie Ride been retrofitted to bring it into the 21st century, it would have been one of the best rides on property. Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway seems like it will be what GMR should have been, ride scheme wise.


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How dare you, heretic!
I may be slightly bias since having done a CP at MISSION: Space...maybe just a little 🤔


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1. I have no interest in Animal Kingdom.
2. I prefer all of the 1980s EPCOT rides to the current ones in EVERY CASE.
3. A visit is not complete without the Voices of Liberty and The American Adventure, regardless of how many times.
4. Dinner in EPCOT is overrated.


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I don't get the appeal of Pirates of The Caribbean.
I will reply while trying to ignore the obvious blasphemy of this comment. A classic E-ticket attraction that almost always has a manageable wait time, one of the coolest (temperature-wise) and coolest (theme-wise) queues, just-right ride time, and fun for all ages. What's not to like?

Festival of the Lion King is one of the worst shows on property.
I'm surprised by this because I pretty much hate all shows but I actually liked that one.

2. Dole Whips are WAY overrated.
Why are you the way you are?

1. I have no interest in Animal Kingdom.
Fine, one less person trying to book Flight of Passage.

The costumes are gorgeous but other than that the Finding Nemo show at Animal Kingdom is not worth your time.
Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes. I couldn't agree more.

Okay, here's one of my own:

Cancel all parades forever. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


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Now you're just saying stuff to be controversial. It's impossible for me to conceive that anyone could fail to be impressed by these incredible singers. Maybe you've got a problem with their selection of songs, and I can see that (Oh Susannah needs to be retired). But overall they are pretty incredible!
Nope, this is my honest opinion, and it has nothing to do with song selection. I've never liked that fake, sugary-sweet pop sound and have never felt it fit in with their period dress, patriotic song selection or the rotunda setting. I believe I have described the LS as what a Hallmark Card from the late 70s would sound like.

I do have an appreciation the talent of the singers themselves. My wife was a voice major and one of her friends was a LS. I was at her senior recital and let me tell you, I teared up because of her beautiful voice. She could sing in ANY opera around the world. But, no, she was forced to modify her voice to fit the LS sound. Those are NOT their natural singing voices, and LS would be so much better if they could sing the way they were born to sing.

I'm surprised by this because I pretty much hate all shows but I actually liked that one.
1) I always thought reusing the old parade floats was cheap and lazy compared to the puppets from the old Legend of the Lion King show at Magic Kingdom.
2) The script and behavior of the 4 hosts always seemed "stereotypical African" to me, and having the plus size singer represent the Warthog section by leading us in making pig oinks and snorts was personally offensive to my wife and I.

Maybe something has changed in the 10 years since we last saw it with the move to the new theater, but I don't want to risk it to find out.

I would have much prefered a condensed version of the Broadway Show (ala Finding Nemo The Musical) than this.


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1. Countdown to Extinction is a fantastic ride with great atmosphere and experience.

2. Muppet's need to be added to more areas of the resort.

3. WDW's Fantasmic is incredible and just needs a replacement Pocahontas scene to be perfect. (and a overall refurbishment)

4. Epcot Center was not the greatest thing ever.


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- I LOVE classic lesser rated attractions such as Tiki Room, CBJ, CoP, and PeopleMover

- DDP is a joke and I refuse to plan my days around meals

- The FW redo isn't ruining Epcot, all the festivals had already accomplished that

- I can't ever see spending the money on moderate/deluxe resorts when the majority of the time is being spent in the parks...and values are quickly approaching that line.

- Joe Rhode should never be seen as this fantastic imagineer...as long as he had anything to do with the travesty known as DinoLand.


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Dinosaur is best ride.
Space mountain is best coaster.
Flight of passage is the best simulator ride there will EVER be. Period.
Rivers of light is a must do!
Hollywood studies shows are the best ; beauty n beast, Indiana and voyage of lil mermaid
Coronado is best moderate
Saratoga is the prettiest resort.
Contemporary is best deluxe.
Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is the best fantasyland ride.
story time with bell under rated
A bugs life is best pass time
Push is greatly missed
Tusker house best buffet
Charging for parking at resorts super greedy With resort prices already high.
Time restrictions on soda refills is so petty
Serving TV dinners at values in box shameful
Wishes was the best fireworks show.
Gondola are lovely.
Shared Disney buses at all stars should not be allowed.
Best snack is cream cheese pretzels
Falcon ride is the laziest new ride since nemo

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Question- what are your most unpopular opinions about the Disney Parks? Here's a few of mine:
  1. Magic Kingdom is the worst and most stagnant of the 4 Parks in Florida.
  2. Peter Pan is one of the weaker rides in the resort, and it doesn't deserve a 60+ minute. Maybe 10 minutes max.
  3. Most of the "Magical Colors" (rose gold, briar rose gold, etc) are ugly...
  4. Wide World of Sports is stupid should be demolished for....
  5. a (necessary) 5th theme park.
1. Most of the food and specialty drinks are overrated.
2. Rock and Roller Coaster is terrible. The actual ride feels cheap.


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1- No meal at disney is worth the cost for taste alone, the theming is what may justify it

2- Maelstrom was better than the Frozen ride

3- I love It's a Small World, especially the song

4- I love the place where you pet the animals over at AK

5- FoP is awesome, but I still think Pandora doesn't belong in AK

6- I like Primeval Whirl, I always go on it


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I think if the little ones were asked their opinions on their Disney vacation, the overwhelming response would be "EXCELLENT!!" .


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Cancel all parades forever. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
Don't do that! I like parades because they tend to draw crowds away from other areas of the park. I take advantage and go to the less crowded areas during those times.

1. The Peter Pan ride is overrated (way too short).
2. The Great Movie Ride was awesome, and if it received some updates to some of the films, it would have been excellent.
3. Maelstrom was better than Frozen
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