Underrated/Overrated Sit Downs

Trapper Wolf

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Most overrated (no space to spread out).

Most underrated (shade and seating)

Tony the Tigger

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Good to know!

No - we've had dinner there twice and thoroughly enjoyed it both times (not just because we had a drink first LOL) - to me, the test question is: would you generally enjoy a French restaurant? Because that's basically what it is.

Tony the Tigger

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Right, you complain about kids in Disney World, but it's ME that is mentally challenged. Here's an idea for you, if you so despise kids ruining your precious vacation, try going somewhere other than Disney World. Keep up the name calling, though, it makes you look so intelligent.

Oh, and by the way, since we are on the topic of mentally challenged, care to explain what "inconstant" food is? LMAO at you!!!

One more thing. I didn't realize that kids who run around and yell and have fun - especially in Disney World - have no class. Thanks for "putting me in my place" on that. Still LMAO at you!

So in the specific example that was used, do you think that kind of behavior is acceptable in a restaurant? Kids will run and play all over Disney World, that's cool. But I think the other poster's point was specifically about such behavior in a restaurant where typically that would not be acceptable.


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And there he goes continuing with the name calling! I love it! Speaks volumes about your intelligence - or lack thereof! In that regard, still waiting for an explanation as to what "inconstant" food is. LMAO at you! Oh, and the proper saying is "as usual," not "as usually." This is hysterical! You attempt to call me dumb, yet you can't even string together a single grammatically correct sentence. Oh the irony!

As far as what I think is acceptable, I don't believe for one second that on two separate occasions you experienced children running around like mad men, slapping glass and disturbing the entire restaurant. And if I did ever see something like that, I wouldn't insult the kids like you have by saying that they have no class. Right when it appears as if you have embarrassed yourself as much as possible, you go and say kids have no class. Please just keep responding, as you make yourself look more pathetic by the word.

It will seriously be next week before I stop laughing at you.
It's not the kids that ruin it, kids will be kids. It's the parents that allow their kids to scream, run back and forth and constantly slap the glass. I'll have to agree with Hockey89 on this one and say that I would be pretty upset that either parents or the restaurant would allow this type of behavior in a place like California Grill. When I'm paying top dollar for a meal, I expect to enjoy myself and not complain about how unsupervised children are ruining the experience for me and everyone else.


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My mind must have temporarily left my body / I forgot which thread I was on LOL - I was referring to Be Our Guest - which was clearly not what had been referenced! I've never eaten at CRT, probably never will.

Hee-hee, I have moments like that all the time! I figured you were talking about BOG, but didn't want to make the assumption, as I've seen how dangerous that can be on this forum. ;)


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I think Paradiso 37 at DTD is very underrated. You don't hear about many people eating there. My wife and I had a phenomenal lunch there on a whim a month or two ago. I would've never thought of eating there, but we walked by on the way to Earl and saw that the menu was decent, so we decided to try it. I had the mahi mahi sliders, which were great, and my wife enjoyed her burger. The P37 Lager, which they claimed to be "the world's coldest beer," wasn't bad either. I can't wait to try some of their platters. We will definitely be back soon.
I Can't agree more. When we did ADRs I thought it was one of the new restaurants for Disney Springs conversion. Found out it had been there since 2009. I'd never heard a word about it. Food was Great. Atmosphere was second to none. Going on the Must-Do list.


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I think Cinderella's Castle is underrated. Most reviews I read online seemed to pretty much bash the place but it was easily my favorite meal this trip. I got the pork tenderloin and salad, which was amazing. Mom got the steak and couldn't quite share my delight.

I also think the quick service meals are underrated, they were definitely better quality than the table services we chose!

Overrated: Crystal Palace, Park Fare, and O'hana. The food is the same at all (with very little to make them unique from the other). These were all buffets, we dined because we wanted the options but the quality just wasn't there.
O'hana has a lovely view of the Castle & Space Mountain. The characters move quickly.
I did favor the Crystal Palace breakfast buffet for the ambiance. The "breakfast lasagna" at Crystal Palace was teeth-shattering sugary goodness (if you're into that). The character meets at all these meals were worth it; but the food was not.

We will get the Dining Plan next time, but we will not be dining at a lot of the same places. It will probably be worth getting a Hopper to dine at Epcot.
The quick service meals at the Riverside resort were definitely some of the best meals we had (with the exception of breakfast, which again was the same as everywhere).


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I find the food overrated at both rose and crown and Biergarten. Live grabbing w beer and WS snacks in those countries but both restaurants are overrated. Nine dragons I think is underrated.


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Liberty Tree Tavern ( better without characters, but food just is not good)
Le Cellier (food is good, ambiance is good but it is over crowded and is not worthy of Signature status)
Chef Mickey's ( great for young kiddies but food is mediocre at best and very loud)
50's Prime Time (since the menu change around 2011 there is nothing that brings me back. Loud and some servers can push it too far)
CRT (Food is good and the location is amazing, but certainly not worth the price)
Mickey's Backyard BBQ ( feel like your in a cattle herd trying to enter and food is simple not good. Only bonus is you can get drunk on included booze and forget where you are)

Biergarten (Food is good along with 1 Liter beers and entertainment)
Sanaa (Love the food, great service and love that when you are waiting for a table you can hang outside by the fire pit and relax with a cocktail)
Tusker House (Not a breakfast buffet or character dining person, but the food is different and really good which makes this our only TS breakfast stop)
Mama Melrose (Have never had a bad meal here and wish they would bring back the Osso Buco which was fantastic)


I can haz Lights of Winter?
-The Wave
-Liberty Tree Tavern (for lunch).

-Sci-Fi Dine in
-Le Cellier
-Chef Mickeys
-San Angel Inn


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We always go to Trail's End. It's a buffet. It's quite tasty and my son that has a nut allergy can eat 95% of what's on the buffet, including desserts. Last year he couldn't eat any of the desserts, so they made some changes. The place is never full, so you don't feel like you're being rushed out so the next table can sit. From my point of view it's very underrated. You can easily get a reservation for it, 20 minutes before sitting., but then again you really don't even need a reservation.

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