News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom


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I am wondering what the little window in the left curved wall is for….
Just a guess, but that area may be filled in with landscaping, the hole might be fore access to that eventual landscaping.

Also in those pictures you can see the supports for the safety net under the coaster tracks.
From the night pictures from another blog.. you can notice couple things:

1- the plastic thing is being mounted to the metal structure of the canopy. They already started a while ago on the structure over the entrance, but they now finally moved on to the highest ones. Once this is done, canopy will be installed and another milestone done.
They might even have started to install the inner canopy over the entrance right now... not sure..

2- They are now installing the net under the ride track, attached to those poles.
This could also mean they prepare soon to test with people.


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Latest look at TRON Lightcycle Run construction at Magic Kingdom​



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I'm thinking this will be a 2023 addition purely for marketing purposes.

This looks a fun ride, it's just the coaster next to a coaster vibe I'm mentally struggling to get onboard with. Feels a short sighted unplanned, impulse decision when so many other potential options are out there.

Still, MK's first E-Ticket since Splash. Shouldn't grumble.


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Correct. Granted I could see a marketing benefit to holding this until CY2023...I just hope not.
AFAIK it will open during calendar year 2022. They can certainly market it in 2023, though. They don’t really need to convince people to visit at Christmastime but might as well push this in movie theater promos in January like they were doing for Cosmic Rewind in May.

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