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I mean, I gotta admire the chutzpa. It's like there's some rogue division of WDI here that got authorization to do retro Tomorrowland, but without senior oversight. So now they are like trying to see how far they can go before someone reins them in!

It is really painfully slow progress... I laugh thinking about your post. Management walks through, “isnt That, uh, different?” “What sir?” “That column. There... errr never mind.”


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Those signs are gorgeous

And fit perfectly with our 70s Tomorrowland
I'm also a fan as it makes the theming of Tomorrowland interesting again, at least for me.

I find the divided opinions a little like those who love the theming of the Tokyo Disneyland monorails vs. those who prefer the WDW versions. Neither side is wrong, but they kind of represent different ideas of what constitutes good theming.


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And welcome to another episode of Trading Space Mountains.
Naughty. Very naughty of you!
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