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News Tomorrowland love


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They finished removing the giant flying saucer and those Bionicle-esque fins on the Peoplemover a while ago. Are they waiting until the Speedway work is finished to continue removing/changing the 90's futuristic elements?


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Cupcake dessert party on the Peoplemover?


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Its not like Disney is stealing anything. Every guest purchase is voluntary.
And while many of us take issue with "value" on some of the changes, you are correct and as an addition, value itself is perceived by the end consumer. So the more we buy, the more we hose ourselves regarding price structure. It's a circle of life for the economy. :D


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This could of been lipservice from Iger but someone asked about this at the shareholder's meeting so..something is probably gonna happen soon
this? In regards to what specifically?
Nothing specific. Someone asked a question regarding updates to the land, and he essentially said they have a lot of ideas and to expect a lot of work in the next few years, but nothing has been green lit. Blog Mickey did a story on it
That question was about Disneyland's Tomorrowland.
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