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I love how they put back the retro signage for the Monster's Inc Laugh Floor. Recently, I thoroughly looked through footage of pre-1994 MK Tomorrowland (especially 70's and early 80's), and am in love with that clean, sleek look. I think the 94 redo has reached its expiration date. In my opinion, the original look was more timeless. Probably the thing that sticks out the most from the 1994 redo is the Astro Orbiter. To me, it looks like a giant, cartoonish mobile a toddler would have in his bedroom. Even when I was a kid, I thought it looked kind of obnoxious. Changing it to something more like the original Star Jets would give Tomorrowland a more tastefully sleek skyline.


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Are you saying they’re not going to have AC in the passenger cars?? Has this been confirmed? I’m sweating already just thinking about this!
As a cost-saving measure, the a/c units that have been on the Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad since 1971 are being removed. Sad. I’ll miss comfortable August drives on the Speedway past trees and other impressive story elements.


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that was a cool attraction...i remember being shaken around a bit..effects were really good

i only went to DLP once but i was impressed by haunted mansion(the best)...
crush coaster was unexpected and fun..
DLP space mountain is really fun..theming and thrills are top notch..smooth ride and great launch...
I was just there a few weeks ago (first trip), and I wonder if some of the effects we're working or I couldn't see them. I found it to be pretty underwhelming and repetitive. Though I've heard good things. My first thought walking in was - this is what should be in the SGE space!

(And Paris' SM is good - though the Hyperspace Mountain overlap of amazing steampunk with Star Wars is very odd. I'd really like to see the original or Mission 2 restored!)
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