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News Tomorrowland love


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I know, and it is really disappointing. Nostalgia and retro culture is a GOLD MINE, and right now it’s worth more than ever before...
There’s even more nostalgia towards the original 70s aesthetic of Tomorrowland
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And... the infamous cardboard cover for the SGE wait time display...
And yet people still find ways to defend the management of the parks and executives of said managers.

"But...but...but...Star Wars Land! And....and....and Toy Story Land. And...and.....and New Hotels and DVC and Transportation options!! See, they are spending money on upgrades and doing a bang up job!"

Something about stepping over dollars to pick up pennies (I'm lookin' at you Pecos Bill guac). Or the devil is in the details (Hello, Monsieur Cardboard). Or some such similar cliche.
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