News Tiana's Bayou Adventure - latest details and construction progress


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A lot of it plywood walls covering the old sets and paint sloppily applied over features in the Boiler Room. Heck,,I'd volunteer my services to help the conversion go even faster and cheaper.

You and me both haha. Alas Hollywoodland is on borrowed time and this would never happen 😞. At best all that remains of Hollywoodland would be a rezoned Hollywood Blvd to BVS with the Trolley and Hyperion. Maybe the Animation building too but it’s easy to see Marvel swallowing it up.


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One week from today, Magic Kingdom CM's will be riding this attraction!

When Disneyland changed their version of Fantasmic! in 2017, early leaks from the cast and crew referred to the new iteration as 'Fantrashmic'.

It will be interesting to hear the opinion leaks on this one- Disney needs to hit it out of the park.


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That's how I feel too. Like Disney is trying to overcompensate for how this attraction is replacing the EEEEEEEEVIL RACIST LOG FLUME RIDE.

Add a bunch of talking points in a backstory that doesn't actually affect the ride to shut up the people who were screeching that? Feels smart. I ain't seen a thing in the renders or animatronic shop or said by an insider that suggests any of that stuff matters to the ride.

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I had 20 minutes at Magic Kingdom this evening and got these. The final days of the site being quiet.


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I know they're wrapping up now but are they really just going to leave the murals unfinished like that? Either finish them out or shore them up with a half-timbered beam to better tie them to the structure and so they more resemble framed works of art. As is, the visual tension caused by the abrupt stop of the murals against the barn structure is really distracting, so much that my eyes gravitate towards the negative space of the barn when it should be focusing on the murals.

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