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News Tiana's Bayou Adventure - latest details and construction progress


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Construction walls surround Splash Mountain as work begins on Tiana's Bayou Adventure​


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I am curious to see if/how they do a transition from the Frontierland theming of the bathrooms and gift shop into something more strongly reminiscent of New Orleans and the Bayou.

It's been speculated that if they were thinking of expanding the New Orleans/Bayou theming past just the ride, it would look something similar to this:

The Purple area would be New Orleans, stretching from the train station to Pecos, and down to the adventureland bridge. Naturally, Pecos would be rethemed to Tiana's Palace. Golden Oak could be a great place for a grab and go beignet.

The Green area would be frontierland, including the coco/encanto expansion behind it. It's been stated by forum insiders that if that pad get used, they'd drain at least part of the Rivers of America, so a proper path connecting the two halves of Frontierland could be built there.

Seems like a lot of work to make a mini land with just one ride and two food options. If the suggestion wouldn't get me murdered, I'd sacrifice Country Bears to New Orleans as well, and give them the option for another attraction.


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