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News Tiana's Bayou Adventure - latest details and construction progress


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Everyone can see this, too, right?



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As entertaining as this stuff is, and while I'm normally opposed to purging off-topic convos, I would love it if this threat was religiously purged to basically only be updates/photos.

That should go for retheming blue sky talk too. It was never the discussion thread for that anyway. As amusing as a time who thinks an entire land should be rethemed and moved to fit one ride vs theming one ride right to fit into the land it is going in.
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So Attraction Magazine is assuming that imagineers were already listening to Tiana attraction audio real-time through headphones.

I saw a video on that the other day from someone that was apparently riding on the log behind them (I haven't clicked the link so maybe that is the source). Unfortunately since it was headphones we couldn't hear what they were listening to and there was enough distance that you couldn't make out the track names on the device (but would they really just make those obvious?)

The guy in the video did mention that it's not necessarily that they have the final audio (maybe just some ideas or a work in progress). For all we know they could have just been listening to tracks from the movie that they felt would go in certain scenes.

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