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  • The one that was sunk at Castaway Cay is actually still there. If you go to you tube, search for "inside the magic"'s channel, and then scroll through to the Castaway Cay videos. It's in one of those... For quite a good while. That wasn't that long ago, either... Maybe 5 months? Disney Sea and Paris are both just "scuptures". You can tell they're not from WDW, because the front tip of the WDW subs were flattened (in case they bumped the sub in front of them). In Sea and Paris, they're not flat.
    So are any of the original nautili still in existance? I know you said that two of them were originally sunk at Castaway Cay, but then were removed. Then another one has been floating around for displays. Are either of the ones at DisneySea or Disneyland Paris from the original ride?
    Hey thanks for the moral support in the "bashing" thread, lol. I've always avoided the controversial threads, but I just can't understand the weird sentiment around here lately that all we should do is smile and talk about how great Disney is (Not that it isn't great, but geesh, I'm here to talk about all things Disney, including cool pics of the day, my favorite attraction, and yes, even how to make it better!).
    hello buried20kleague

    i have been a member of wdw magic for some time and i am a huge fan of 20'000 leagues under the sea ride, are you a fan as well?
    Thanks my friend. I just thought I'd try to talk a little reason into both sides before one of them gets the boot. This place would be a lot more boring (and uninformed) with them gone. It's just too hard to even have a discussion right now. It's gotta be reeled in at least a LITTLE.
    Hate to say it, but... In Tokyo there are some AWESOME ones for sale in the shop right there in the caldera of Mt. Prometheus. I stared at them for a while... Should have pulled the trigger. They even had models being attacked by giant squid. As for stateside... I haven't seen anything for quite some time now. I do have a suggestion for you though... Go to www.20kride.com and e-mail Dave. It's his site. If it's out there, he'll know about it. As a side note, the account on that website of swimming over a sunken sub at Castaway Cay is mine. :) It's a VERY cool site to check out top to bottom. Good luck!
    You might be able to answer this...:D

    Has there ever been a model/toy of the Nautilus available for purchase? I've been looking for one for a bit.
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