News Tiana's Bayou Adventure - latest details and construction progress


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Any construction updates or are we just going to rehash everything from the other thread ?

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Honestly I would just check out of this thread for a year if updates are what you're wanting. This is gonna be a looooooooong overhaul.


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Songs from the 1950's are being sung in CBJ.

Chronologically and geographically, the Liberty/Frontier area has been a mess in MK for a long time.

This is why all the armchair imagineering is coming out for the land to fix this. TBA, by itself, is not the cause of a thematic mess that already existed, but, if the area is rethemed along with the ride (like it will be in DL), it's a chance to fix it.
They can always re-theme the area to New Orleans, and call the big ride "Pirates of the Gulf of Mexico." Could be a great opportunity to introduce some Jimmy Buffett songs in the ride, too...


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I'm sure they are intending to reporpous the characters but, what do you think the "nod" or "tribute" to Splash would be? My guess is that the Zip A Dee lady riverboat will stay as is..


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On the new guide maps is the Splash Mountain drawing still there but not labeled or has it been erased and replaced with a green field (or empty space or something). Can someone post an image?

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Some fans often go overboard on the thematic nitpicking. Nothing at MK or Disneyland—except for possibly the far bend of RoA aboard the MarkTwain/Liberty Belle, feels like a real time period or place aside from being sections of the unique places known as MK and DL.

For one, there are brats armed with bubble wands every five feet. And a stroller every three feet. And someone staring at their phone every six inches.

Main Street doesn’t feel like a real Main Street in any century. It feels like the welcoming dream world Main Street at Magic Kingdom or Disneyland. Frontierland feels like…Disney’s Frontierland. MK’s Frontierland has had a big, cartoony hill looming over it, and DL’s has Mickey fighting off a dragon most nights.

I’m saying that, while theming is vitally important at the Disney Parks, there’s a LOT of wiggle room for the surreal. The big questions are: does it work, is it pleasing, does it contribute to the park’s overall identity.

Disney can plop a Bayou between Big Thunder and Pecos Bill’s and say, “if you’re ten feet from the river at this point, you’re in New Orleans.” As long as it works visually to guests, it will all smoothly become part of the overall MK in their heads just fine.
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It's been speculated that if they were thinking of expanding the New Orleans/Bayou theming past just the ride, it would look something similar to this:

The Purple area would be New Orleans, stretching from the train station to Pecos, and down to the adventureland bridge. Naturally, Pecos would be rethemed to Tiana's Palace. Golden Oak could be a great place for a grab and go beignet.

The Green area would be frontierland, including the coco/encanto expansion behind it. It's been stated by forum insiders that if that pad get used, they'd drain at least part of the Rivers of America, so a proper path connecting the two halves of Frontierland could be built there.

Seems like a lot of work to make a mini land with just one ride and two food options. If the suggestion wouldn't get me murdered, I'd sacrifice Country Bears to New Orleans as well, and give them the option for another attraction.
Could stretch the purple down and incorporate Pirates into the New Orleans Sq area. Then can combine Pecos Bill's and Tortunga Tavern into one bigger Tiana's Palace/Place (maybe with a sit down area and pick up window similar to the crepe place in France in Epcot)

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