The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 6: ODYSSEY


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First off, I wanted to talk about the teamwork here. Mickeyfan, Doug, and Pix, the three of you were honestly a powerhouse trio this round. That's not to downplay everyone else, especially Tiki, who despite leaving for a trip, still offered to help. However, with such a short turnaround, the three of you I mentioned really stepped up and made for a phenomenal team. Overall, though, we saw a lot of work put out by all members of that team, so congrats to everyone here for your great teamwork.

As for your project, you really took the 20 sentences we allowed and made something phenomenal with it. I honestly expected two forum posts (which would've been more than okay) but designing a website was a unique take. I'm not going to knock Team Yesterday for a website this time, but I would like to see some more unique presentation methods in the future as I do think there's been an overabundance of websites this season. Yes, they're clean and can get your point across quite well, but I think some more imagination and ingenuity should be put in in the future.

Your video was really well made so kudos to Nate for that. I watched it and I do think it kept under the 20 sentence limit after factoring in your write-ups, so good job on that. I'm not entirely sure how you put that video together, it sounds almost like a text to speech program, but more humanlike than that. However you did it, you've stumped me, but it also may be really simple and I just suck at technology, but for my own sanity (and to your benefit) I'm going to pretend this is a seriously impressive feat.

As for your attractions, I think all of these places have great significance and are definitely worth choosing them. I went to Samoa on a school studying program to catalog and study flying foxes, and while I was there I took a trip to the Baha'i House of Worship and to Apia Town which were both phenomenal experiences, something I think ABD should definitely pick up.

Overall, a short review for a short project, but between the video, the choice to do a website for this, and the thought put into your choices, I really appreciated this project.

Great job all!​


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So I wanted to congratulate Pugs and Ace for being the dream team this round. As previously mentioned in Yesterday's review, this short turn around makes it difficult for all players to appear and be equally present, which is totally understandable. Pugs stepped up as the PM and got this project rolling with huge assistance from Ace. Of course, the rest of the team helped with what they did as well, but I really noticed these two players really standing out.

As for your choice, Finland was not the country I thought you were going to choose. I saw a lot of them getting thrown around, particularly Iceland, but I do think you made a solid choice. My boss is from Finland so I showed him your map and attraction choices and he approved, so good on you there.

You certainly made a unique choice turning the America Gardens Theater into an Adventures by Disney showcase (something I can certainly see happening in the Chapek Era, but with the ABD being to a local Target or Starbucks instead of other countries).

While it's not exactly the farthest-reaching Ad Campaign, a show at Epcot would be effective in at least getting people who may not be aware of ABD to become aware. However, that does require guests to be in Epcot, which does alienate a lot of the populace. Adventures by Disney is a way to capitalize on the tourists who may not want to go to a theme park but still do an amazing vacation. Disney wanted that money too, so they jumped in on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, I do see that as being a bit of an issue marketing-wise if the audience you're trying to reach is not at the place you're marketing. I think it may have been better as a Disney+ show or something.

That being said, I still do really like the idea and it ended up being a really solid project. I think this may be our toughest round yet! Good luck to all​


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This was the best project so far. Nate had the tremendous challenge of completing this project, and Team SEA excelled. This is the best project of the season, at least so far.

The flipbook is an excellent presentation. I love all the subtle additions, like the ads and barcodes. Then the writing itself is framed within the trip storyline. It’s hard to tell when one person’s work begins and another ends. This is a huge accomplishment.

The only point I think you guys kinda overdid it. It doesn’t really matter. It is more a different interpretation of the challenge -- you took it as very blue sky, whereas we had been obsessing over the limited money.

First off, I love the focus on British culture. CS Lewis, Roald Dahl, and Peter Rabbit fit perfectly within a British setting. I read all the Roald Dahl books as a kid, so I was kinda disappointed for such a small area but you make up for it with Narnia.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a more surprising move, but it still fits. You guys didn’t just throw him in either, you really thought that part through, and it makes for a good opposition to Universal’s Nintendo World.

Again, the only issue is this suffers a bit from the “blue sky”, in the real world, this is way too much for 250 million. But I don’t think Alton Towers would care about spending extra to have this.

Ah, the final mission for the TMNT! Not. :)

The attention to realism here is amazing. You guys went in a totally different direction budget-wise than Alton. Maybe some of your left-overs to help em’ out there. But really, you’ve shown a fundamental understanding of what makes this park loved and used it.

The other changes here include a family coaster and a dark ride that looks and sounds coincidentally like Robin Hood. Again quite small but sticking to what already works. A great job!

I like this expansion a lot. The tagteam of Doug and Dad was great to watch. You’ve taken the creativity of Alton and combined it with the realism of Efteling. It may go just a tad off-budget, but it’s worth it.

I had to open up a copy of the real map just to pick apart what was old and new! Very good job!

The land is also clearly German, which is a nice touch. Both Rookburg and Munchausen Palast are wonderfully original. Add this with the other changes made, and this is probably my favorite of the four, not that the other parks weren’t all successes as well.

I like taking on the second park. “Ferarri Land” is a really dumb idea and turning it into a transportation-themed parked in an excellent concept. Especially getting more sponsorship to ease on the budget.

I also liked the smallness of the other lands, at least for the time being. Three major lands the size of Ferrari Land would have been crazy overkill. Keeping it to an attraction per land is a smart move. I expect several years down the line Porta Adventura would expand each area to its full potential.

Overall, I'm really impressed. Everyone pat yourself on the back.


Both the site and video tricked me for a while -- they look so real! Big Kudos to Doug and Nate for making these in under two days. And of course, the 48-hour prompts are always a challenge so credit must be given as deserved to mickeyfan.

Your activities list is all solid. You've added some variance between each location, despite Samoa being relatively small.

But concerning countries. Samoa is certainly a fan favorite pick for Polynesia. I mean, have you seen Hobbs and Shaw?


This sorta leads me to my biggest disappointment. It’s not a flaw, more an “I wish this was bit more wacky”. You originally pitched this as the home of the Rock and Moana. I kinda wish you had tied some of these in. Maybe not Moana, because Disney doesn’t like IPs. BUT Disney is releasing the Jungle Cruise movie this year and the Rock is in a starring role. This might be a good place to plug it? It’s not something normal Adventures by Disney would do, but this is the SAU.

Now, of course, you don't want to go over the top. You still want to respect the culture, etc... I just wish this had more jazz.

Still, this is a commendable project. There are no real issues, remarkable for such a limited timeframe. And nearly everyone did their best to contribute (@orlando678- where r u?). This is a fantastic first round for the New Team Yesterday!


This is another solid effort by Team Tomorrow, although it was really just three players (Disneypugs and Ace mainly, with DisneyDad supplying the artwork and itinerary) participating. The others did communicate, which is much appreciated (expect @kmbmw777 who was uncharacteristically absent, r u ok?). This is fine for the shortest and possibly most confusing of the Act 2 Stanzas. Just make sure to be back at it tomorrow.

Finland is a cool pick. Unfortunately not the motherland. But I’ll forgive you for that realistic map.


I have mixed feelings about the EPCOT tie-in. On one hand, I feel it distracts a lot from the focus of the prompt, but on the other hand, it tries something fully original. It’s not about Finland, it’s about the larger experience with Finland just Phase One.

PerGron does make a good point on EPCOT appealing to only a small group of the normal target audience. I'd suggest this not be the full extent of your marketing campaign. Maybe build these advertising areas in DisneyStores and do something on DisneyPlus. BUT for a single way to make some more awareness, the World Showcase is a great fit!

I just wish you had added one extra picture communicating the different activities in the itinerary. I have unfortunately never been to Finland, so I don’t know much about it besides snow. Having looked up the different activities, I can confirm this would be a good trip. I just wish it was hinted at more in the presentation.

But you know what? It's a close call, but I'm leaning towards this one. It goes outside the box. A bit rough around the edges, but the idea pulls it through. Great work Pugs, Ace, and DisneyDad!​


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Thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge. After much discussion, The Agents of S.E.A. have come to a decision. This round was a close one...

Team Tomorrow
This was close. This is a nearly flawless project, with just a few quirks here or there. The main reason wasn't your failure as much as it was your competition.

Team Yesterday!
This is flawless. The realistic presentation boasts it even further.

Important to clarify: we only mentioned the lack of wacky-ness as a nitpick. At no point did any of us actually subtract points for that.

Now onward to Hawaii!


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Chapter 7: Aloha, Bob, and a Warm Aloha to Bob!

While sailing to meet up with the other team and search for the next artifact, Lincoln was reading the newspaper (He's 211 years old, he doesn't fully trust smart phones yet) when he read something very interesting...


"Anyone else think Chapek looks like a peeled potato that someone carved a face into?" @gam3rprincess says as they are getting used to their new home on the Disney Adventure rather than the Disney Adventure.

"I'm pretty sure we all think that," @TheOriginalTiki responds.

"It's what makes him the perfect pick to disguise yourself as using a Mission Impossible mask, his face already looks like a rubber mask," says @Pi on my Cake acting super casually for someone who was evil just four days ago.

The Teams make it to the island of Oahu and meet back up with each other.

"So, I took the liberty of booking us some very reasonably priced lodging that will not blow my budget. Just something that will keep costs down. It's the Wakiki Beachside Hostel! It's got bunk beds and free Wi-Fi!" says @Disney Dad 3000.


"And I took the liberty of canceling that reservation, stealing @Disney Dad 3000's credit card, and booking at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa! We all have massages in an hour!" @D Hindley explains.

"Hooray!" says everyone other than DDad!

"After the massages and a 4 course meal at a nearby 5 Star Restaurant, we need to get looking for the next artifact! We gotta find Scrump!" says John Progress trying to remind the teams of their mission!



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Aulani Disney Resort is an elaborate resort and spa owned by Disney. We’ll be making a pitstop there on our voyage across the Pacific! Let’s try expanding it out!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a family-friendly waterpark to expand Aulani Disney Resort.

- Understand context. This is going to be right next to a Hawaiian beach resort.
- Don’t overdo it. We suggest scaling the waterpark down from your typical theme park waterpark. Quality over quantity sorta thing.
- You have four days to complete this challenge.
- For the Pacific Voyage, it is ok to slack on a stanza or two. Just let your team know beforehand.

Project Managers
- @Tux
Tomorrow - @Brer Panther

Guest Reviewers
- @DisneyManOne, @JokersWild, @spacemt354
Tomorrow - @MagicFeather, @Voxel, @JokersWild, @spacemt354

This Project is due Thursday, March 5h at 11:59 PM EST

Time Zones

Walt Disney World- 11:59 PM
Disneyland Park - 8:59 PM
Disneyland Paris - 5:59 AM
Disneyland Tokyo - 1:59 PM​


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Stanza VII- Fantasmic 2000
Hey guys help its dreamfinder help we are not in good shape help---
With just under 21 hours left in the seventh (and middle) Stanza, let's take some time for some behind the scenes info! Our plan is for each stanza (or most stanzas) to have a Fantasmic 2000 post that shares some fun facts and info about the making of this competition by @Pi on my Cake @PerGronStudio and me! It can also serve as a convenient reminder that the current stanza is almost done!

Project Managers may appear random, but they are often placed in a calculated order. In this post, I will detail why we choose certain players for certain tasks.

This season is pretty cool because of all the old and new faces. A good amount hadn't played the Sorcerer's Apprentice before, so we wanted to put some veterans of past seasons, ideally folks with a good understanding of how to play. Hence two winners and a runnerup made the most sense.

For Stanza Two, we basically looked at Stanza One and said, "what are the surprise hits of Stanza One? Who's doing really good now, and would benefit from some forced leadership?" We tried bringing you into the spotlight.

The Team Fantasy merger dominated both Stanza Three and Four's decisions. We wanted to make things as smooth as possible, so we prioritize putting Team Yesterday and Tomorrow OGs in control. This would give the incoming players a stable team to work with, and not be suddenly thrust into leading a team you know nothing about.

This was the opposite of Stana Four. We targeted the Fantasy OGs to make the transition seamless.

@NateD1226 . I choose you for one reason: taking up leadership in Stanza One. You doing this voluntarily so early into the game gave us the impression you would be the best person to handle such a monumental task.

By Stanza Six, we were hitting the end of players who had been the Project Manager. The judges want the cycle to loop at least once for everyone, so we prioritized those who hadn't gotten the chance to officially be the PM, even if they had already served the role through unofficial leadership. Pugs has an enthusiastic personality and Mickeyfan has strong TMNT connections, so we felt the best to lead their teams through such a fast-paced challenge.

Ok this was actually random. Brer Panther hadn't been a PM yet and Yesterday had run out of members to pick from, so we reset the tables.

What will come after Stanza Seven? You'll have to find that out firsthand!

That's it for Stanza IV's Fantasmic 2000! Next week we'll have a new topic for some more BTS info. If there's anything you're interested in learning about, let us know!

You know some people liken imagineering to singing, which I suppose makes sense, but I liken it more to pouring, because once you start you can get a lot of things done.
This is a riddle concerning our next location.

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