The Miracle that is Maggie Grace


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Happy Birthday! You've come a long way...imagine where you'll be in another year! :kiss:

Go easy on your Mommy today, kiddo. :animwink:


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Happy Birthday Princess Maggie... For those of us who don't know here story, would you share it?

Hope she enjoys her special day. Kisses from all of us. :kiss: She is so sweet. :)
Happy Birthday!!!! :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: Enjoy the cake and ice cream!!! No need to be polite when eating cake and ice cream....just have fun and make a mess!!! :slurp: (sorry mom but you have to be messy on your 1st's just a right of passage)


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Happy Birthday Princess Maggie... For those of us who don't know her story, would you share it?
The short story is....

We had tryed for years and years to have a baby...I had several miscarriages and had been on fertility drugs and I had decided to just give up....
I was 32 and felt that it was pointless....

Well I stopped taking the pills and 3 months later in May I found out I was pregnant ..and was already 3 months along.

From that moment things went bad..I had low amniotic fluid and the baby was not growing at all inside of me..I was put on bed rest and had to have an amnio...I then developed severe preeclampsia and was told that if I did not deliver her then I would die that we delivered.

They did not think she would make it and prepared us for losing her,but Maggie never gave up....

Two days later she had to be transferred to Childrens hospital because of the Hurricane and 3 days later she was transferred again to another city.

We had evacuated from our city and was 3 hours away from her but went to see here every day.Then Hurricane Rita hit the area we evacuated to so we had to leave again.We were lucky enough to be able to go back to our house and we just commuted every day to see her.She was now only an hour or so away.

She had many complications in the hospital and we almost lost her several times.
On January 3 she was able to come home and she has been doing amazing ever since.:D

She does have a feeding tube because she asperated but we are working with therapists to get her to she should be able to eat her birthday cake this sunday for her princess birthday party.:sohappy:

She is crawling now and she has her first tooth and she is right where she needs to be the Dr.'s the 9 month level..considering her due date was Dec 6.

We are very lucky and do consider her a miracle.
I will post her Birthday party pictures here also.

Thanks for being interested in Maggie Grace's life.
It means alot to me and I love telling her amazing story.

(sorry it was not so short..:lol: )


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Happy Birthday 1st sweet Maggie!

I may have never met you yet...but know you are loved! (and not just by your mommy, who is amazing!)



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Here are some pictures of maggie today....
With her party hat on...
With her new baby doll from her Nannie..
and after she ate some cake...

my avatar is also her with her Princess crown:D


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OMG i could just eat her up!!!! LOL love the party pics, she's gonna be one wild and crazy woman ;) LOL...

SHE ATE CAKE!!! YAYYY!!!! LOL... Good for her!!! awww... i'm so excited... (btw, i added something to the first thing i sent you so they may come on seperate days... idk... they said it should be there mon or tues)

Happy Birthday Little Miss!!!
I have to say, Miss Maggie is looking large and in charge. Usually she's all laughy smiley, but in these pics she's looking all serious and important (though of course there is that impish gleam in her eye)...just like the Princess that she is! I love it! Have fun at your party, baby!!!


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Good Morning miss maggie ;) Are you feeling older today? wiser? LOL... take it easy on your mama today lil miss - she's gonna run herself ragged trying to get ready for your big party tomorrow!

*love you both, kisses* :)

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