The Miracle that is Maggie Grace


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A year ago today, a miracle was born.

On August 25, 2005, a little girl by the name of Margaret Grace came into this world against all odds. This thread has been made to celebrate the miracle of her existence and her 1st birthday. Please join me in congratulating both Maggie and Dana on this very special day and wishing Maggie a very happy birthday with many more to come!

:sohappy: Happy Birthday Maggie!:sohappy:


:sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy:


More pictures of Maggie can be found on Dana's WDWMagic Photo Album:


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Hey guys..
Maggie is My Miracle baby because 1 year ago I did not think she would survive..
She was born 3 months early and weighed 15.8 oz and was 10 in long..

She was also born 4 days before Hurricane Katrina and was evacuated from me two times to different hospitals.
She has been through so much and we almost lost her several times..
I did not get to see her until she was a week old.

She was in the hospital for 4 months and was an hour away from me.
She has come a long way and I am very proud...

Thanks for letting me share this with you and thanks for reading..

Happy Happy Birthday My Angel
I love you more then anything and I am so very proud of you.
I could not ask for more:kiss:


This is Maggie at Birth and Now...

She has come a long way..:)


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You're welcome Dana!

More pics of the beautiful birthday girl!

Princess Maggie in her Disney Princess rocking chair:

Playing with her ball:

Sitting up like a big girl on the couch with her chain:

Look at the little Mouseketeer!

So little:

Maggie's footprints when she was born:
iwas born 2 and a half months early! and weight 2 pounds my whole family calls me their "little premie!" (premature)... im 16 now and not 2 pounds+140 very happy for u and your baby happy bday! shes a fighter! !!!!!

=) hugs



Happy Birthday to a little miracle!!

I'm new to posting in the chit chat section, but can't sleep tonight. I've seen Maggie's pictures around the boards. Our son, Jacob was born 2 and 1/2 months early and he is now 9 and doing great!!! I remember how tough those first months were and even the first year!

God Bless You All on this very special day!!
Hooray!!!! The big day is here!!!! Happy Birthday to you Maggie, you ARE a miracle and your mother's dream come true. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful day.

God Bless You and all those that love you.




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Sweet Baby Girl.

Happy Birthday angel! I have so loved getting to know you and your mommy these last few months. You have become my Lizzy's best girly, with your birthday's so close together.

What a beautiful little lady you are becoming sweet Maggie. You've grown so much, just in the few months that I've known you, I always look forward to each picture and smile and video.

:kiss: Happy Birthday Maggie Grace. We love our sweet southern belle.:kiss:

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