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Journey Into The Magic
Coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios In 2018

The Realm of The Village

The Realm of The Castle

The Realm of The Wild

The Realm of The Ocean

The Realm of The Future

The Realm of The Darkness

Together, these realms make up:

The Realms of Disney Magic

In 2018, guests will be able to visit The Realms of Disney Magic with Disney's Hollywood Studios' brand-new attraction...

Journey Into The Magic


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I know that the session is maybe going to be canceled, but I really wanted to share these ideas:

The House of Mouse Adventure:

My project will replace the Disney Junior Live on Stage show. This new ride will give the Hollywood Studios a complete new experience for the guests. Don't worry, the Disney Junior show will move to a new TV show themed area in the park. The outside of the building is set up to look like an animation studio. There is a sign with Animation written in bold letters running down the building. There is also the logo as seen above attached to the building, which is very colourful. The queue will be outdoor at first, but you will go inside for the first pre-show. Here, you will get to know that you are a VIP guest for the House of Mouse . Now you will get backstage passes to see the characters here. Then we enter the indoor part of the queue.
The queue area is set up to resemble an old animation studio. First we will get a small hallway with Disney animation movie posters, which from time to time make movements. The second part now will have a hallway with doors along the queue line. On the doors you can find the names of some of your favorite Disney characters. Behind the doors you can hear and see some of the characters by shadows and sound effects. When you pass Mickey's door, you hear him having a Phone call saying that everyone in the theater should be getting ready for the big show.
Further down the queue is the recording studio where you can see Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Anna, Rapunzel and Elsa having a brief recording of their songs. The effect will be similar to the recording queue scene from Rock n' Rollercoaster. In this part you can sing along with songs as Almost there, Let it Go and Once Upon A Dream.
The next room will be the prop room containing many cartoon like props, with some of them being interactive( like the Genie's lamp, the flower from Tangled and many more). There are screens showing some of the old and new animated shorts of the big five of Disney. Then Mickey appears on the screen telling us that the taxi cab is almost there.
Then the queue simulates the feeling of going outside. We are now in Toontown. Guests work themselves to the end of the line where they are given 3D glasses and board a taxicab sitting four across in the front and four across in the back. The ride system of the ride will be a combination of the Amazing spiderman ride, Dinosaur and Ratatouille Adventure.
The cab speeds off into a dark alley. Through the speakers you will hear Mickey telling the guests that he's glad that they are coming, but then Goofy and Donald are heard in the background saying that some villains are on the loose and are now blocking the way to the House of Mouse. Now you will see Maleficent, Jafar, Scar, Ursula, Hades, Cruella de Vil and Doctor Facilier. Maleficent says that they are here to crash Mickey's party and to take over the House of Mouse. Maleficent then yells : Get em Scar. Scar lands on the front of our cab, which will start shaking. He then pulls his paw up behind his head to for one big final slash. “I’ll tell Simba you said ‘hello’.” The cab spins throwing Scar off and we crash through the side of a building.

We find ourselves driving through a diner where we see Audio-Animatronics of Huey, Duey and Louie sitting at a table sharing a tall chocolate milkshake. We can actually smell chocolate. “Hey! Watch where you’re going.” they scream as we zoom by. We also see Timon and Pumbaa eating a big plate of bugs. “AHHHH! It’s Scar and he’s right behind you!” Timon screams.We then bust out the front door of the diner and Scar leaps in front of the cab (3D effect on the screen). He has us blocked as he laughs and creeps forward. Simba comes from out of nowhere and pounces on him, pinning him to the ground. “I’ll take care of him! You guys get out of here!” We take a sharp right turn and speed away.

We are speeding along a where to our right is the ocean at the bottom of the hill (3D effect on the screen). Ursula comes out and taunts us with her sinister laugh (3D effect on another screen). Her tentacles start reaching into our cab and twirling inches in front of our face as we feel water dripping on us by audio animatronics. She then hits our cab sending us spinning off down the side of the hill. We land in the water and our cab starts bobbing in the water. We start to feel the cab rise and then see a giant animatronic of Ursula’s face in front of our cab as tentacles come over the side of the cab. She is laughing manically. We hear Sebastian's voice coming from the water beneath us. “Ursula, you let them go!” The Ursula head looks down as if she is looking at Sebastian. “Not a chance pathetic crab salad!” “So be it!” We hear the blast of a triton as the room lights up in a gold glow by King Triton, who was called by Sebastian. She drops us and we are splashed as we start floating in the water again. King Triton swims up to us and tells us to leave. He and Sebastian swim under water splashing his tail and getting us a little wet.

We start floating into the next area as Captain Hook and Mr. Smee row up in front of us. Captain Hook has a cannon on the row boat and lights the fuse. A blast of air comes shooting at our faces. “I won’t miss THIS time!” We hear a tick-tock noise getting louder and louder. “What’s that? Is that… Smee! Get me out of here!” We see the crocodile chase their boat away. The crocodile will be an audio animatronic Peter Pan comes onto the screen, appearing through the smoke and flying in front of us. “I think you guys could use a little help getting out of here!” He grabs Tinkerbell and sprinkles some Pixie Dust on us. We fly out of the water and back onto land.

In the next area we are back on land in a dark area and can’t see anything. We hear Hades voice and it gets warm. The flame on Hades head appears and he is walking up to us lighting up the area (3D effect on the screen). “I have to hand it to you guys. What an incredible performance! I give it two thumbs WAY up!” He shoots flames out of his fingers and we feel hot air on our cab. “It’s a shame you’ll have to be going so soon.” Flames shoot out from the side of the walls but our cab is pulled back to safety. “Hercules! Noooo!” We hear Hercules from BEHIND our cab. We are thrown by Hercules forward into Hades knocking him down as we turn into the next area and hear, “You’re mine Hades!” as Hades screams.

Jafar is standing in front of us and he has his scepter (3D effect on the screen). “You think you can run from us!” He points his scepter at us and its eyes start glowing red. Jafar starts rising into the air and our cab follows. “Aladdin won’t be able to save you now! Mickey sure is going to be upset that you missed his little party!” Jafar changes into a giant snake. Then, Aladdin and Abu come flying in on a magic carpet. Jafar drops us as we plummet to the ground. The Genie flies in from nowhere and turns into a giant whoopee cushion that catches us, while letting out a huge… “noise”. We drive away and hear Genie in the background yell “It’s showtime!” and hear a battle going on between Jafar, Aladdin and Genie.

Now you will drive through the Streets. Now here Cruella de Vil shows up in her roadster yelling you imbeciles, thinking you could escape us. She bumps into us a few times. Then Pongo and Perdita show up and hold a net. You will see Cruella crash into the net afterwards.
Then you enter a dark room with a few flames lighting up the walls. Soon it reveals that shadows appear and masks are present. We hear Docotr Facilier welcoming us to the other side. You will see voodoo dolls, masks and shadows singing Are You Ready? But then Louis and Tiana break Facilier's idol and you see him getting taken away by the voodoo spirits.

In the next area we see Maleficent (3D effect on the screen). Smoke shoots out from underneath the screen. A giant animatronic of Maleficent as the dragon comes down from the ceiling above our cab. Mickey comes running out onto the screen in his Fantasia attire to stop Maleficent. We see a small battle between the on screen Mickey and the animatronic Maleficent. Mickey is struggling to save us, but coming for the rescue are various characters running forward with smoke pouring down from Maleficent as she screams.

We speed off around the corner and Goofy, Donaldand a gang of characters come scrambling in front of us (3D effect on the screen). Goofy says, “Gorsh, we sure are sorry.” Mickey comes running in throwing off his Fantasia outfit to reveal a tux. “Golly, folks. That sure was a crazy ride. At least you made it here in one piece.” Minnie steps forward “Mickey! It’s time for the show to start!” Mickey says, “Glad you made it folks, pull around front and find your seats. Enjoy the show. We’ll see you reeeeeeal soon!” followed up by his trademark laugh.
The ride exits into the restaurant, House of Mouse. This will be similar to the Ratatouille Adventure and Chez Remy in Paris. I hope you liked this new addition to the Animation Courtyard in Hollywood Studios. I chose this theme, because I think the series deserves it and I do think that the series needs to be re-introduced before this can happen. Well thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.


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Session 6: Oscar Worthy Entertainment
Final AoI Reviews and Reward

After a long wait, we will finally reveal the results of this final chance for an advantage!
Because this challenge was a bit unique in what it was asking, different than other challenges, we won't quite have the usual style, but we will still discuss the proposals.

This week, it was @jdmdisney99 against @RMichael21. For the judges, it came down to concept vs presentation for deciding the outcome, and trust me, we talked for a while about this decision. @jdmdisney99 for sure had an amazing presentation with the designed plaque, lettering, etc., and we shall definitely give him props to that. On the other hand, we weren't really all that into @RMichael21's presentation; it served its purpose, but didn't make your proposal stand out or very captivating. However, when it came to concept, we all for the most part thought that RM had the better new park name and theme, as Disney Hollywood Adventure really captures the spirit of everything already there and what could be done, while jdm's Walt Disney's Hollywood didn't quite feel like it fit quite as well. In the end, we talked about this a lot, and despite a stellar presentation by jdm, we deemed that RM's really great concept and overall completion of the dedication task earned him the win.

Now, @RMichael21, what exactly did you win?

This reward plays around with perhaps the singular most important thing in any Imagineering competition- due dates/time.

This reward... The Evil Hourglass

This reward has two ways to play it, depending on your strategy.

1) You can use it to shorten the challenge due date by 24 hours. If you feel like you are ahead of schedule and confident in your proposal, you can use this to make the challenge due 24 hours sooner. This can be a huge blow to some of the other contestants who were counting on that last day to finish it all. If you decide to do this, you must give a notice 48 hours prior to the original due time (24 hours to the new due time), to ensure that everyone will get a 24 hour notice to finish things up.

2) You can use it to extend the challenge due date by 24 hours. This is arguably the friendlier approach. If you have a really cool idea that you think could win you the challenge, but need more time to finish it up, you can use the Evil Hourglass to give an extra 24 hours to the challenge. The caveat? Everyone gets an extra 24 hours, not just you. So, use it wisely. Should you use this one, you can play it anytime throughout the challenge.

The Evil Hourglass can only be played in any Concept Creation challenge through Session 8...but you never know what we have in store. So, be ready to make a move...

Good luck everyone ;)


Just re-posting this from a while ago for the final 7 contestants. It's getting down to the wire in the Games, so having this info front and center may come in handy for you all...;)
Hey guys, just here with an update post on a few new "rules":

First, it's getting to that time in the game ;) :p Strategy may start to play a bigger role, and now alliances may start to form (rumblings are that they have already ;)) So, we ask that all alliance PMs include the hosts to moderate.
(As always, of course feel free to chat about the comp privately)

Also, last night on the podcast @TheOriginalTiki presented the idea of letting those contestants with AoI rewards being able to pass off their rewards when they are eliminated. We thought about this concept, and modified it a bit into a new fun little twist. Now, if contestants have an AoI reward, they may feel free to hand the power off to another contestant to use. In addition, you may do the same with your extension hours, however no more than 2 hours can be played in one night, and if the other contestant does end up playing the ones you gave them, that will count as you playing it and you will therefore not receive the Session 9 advantage if you make it that far. The only difference between this and Tiki's idea is that you cannot give it away after you were eliminated, however if you have a feeling you will go home even though the judgements aren't in yet, you can give it away. This still means that there is a possibility that someone can be eliminated in possession of a reward, or stay around with someone else now having it ;)

Any comments/questions about these, just PM us or tag us in the discussion! :)


Session 7 Opening
Session 7: Tomorrowland 2055

It's been a bit of an interesting ride to make it to this point... We've had some really strong competition and proposals, a few interesting twists, and for sure some hard eliminations. In addition, it has been shown how sometimes the real world gets in the way with quite a few contestants. The game is not over fact, it is just getting started ;)

The Final 7:​

@RMichael21- 1 Extension, 1 CC Win, AoI Poison Apple, AoI Evil Hourglass
@DisneyPrincess1993- 1 Extension, 4 CC Wins
@TheOriginalTiki- 2 CC Wins, AoI Sorcerer's Hat
@tcool- 1 Extension, 2 CC Wins
@orlando678- 1 Extension, 2 CC Wins
@jdmdisney99- 1 Extension, 1 CC Win
@Matt7187- 1 Extension, 1 CC Win

This session is going to be a bit more straight forward, cut-to-the-chase. It is all individual, separate projects. Don't let that fool you, it will be the toughest and most demanding yet. No twists...well, not from the hosts at least. With all of the AoI rewards in play, there's no telling what could happen ;)

Your challenge will come soon. Work hard, because at the end of this week, only the top 6 proposals will move on to Session 8.


Session 7: Tomorrowland 2055
Concept Creation Challenge

We are getting down to the nitty gritty....And it's time for an exciting individual challenge to create some great concepts! There will not be an SD challenge this session, only the CC. 6 will move on to Session 8.

This challenge requires you to completely refurbish/expand the Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland. Using the provided budget chart below (similar to that of the Omega challenge) and an allotted budget, you must refurbish/replace/create new attractions in this land to A) bring some new life and entertainment to it, and B) give it a more cohesive theme.

To make it a bit more complex, we are adding a small wrinkle to it. Despite @MCParradox no longer being in the competition for personal reasons, he did have the original winning CC proposal, which was a Stitch replacement in Tomorrowland. His concept won because we here at WDI think it would make a great addition to MK, and now you must include it in your New Tomorrowland project. You may not change his concept at all (and remember to give him credit ;)), and because this is a guaranteed attraction, you should try to create your new theme around it.

Budget for Session 7: Tomorrowland 2055

Above you are provided with an aerial shot of Tomorrowland. Here you can see the boundaries that you are working with.

For your budget - the standard budget will be $400 Million Dollars (more on this below).

You may do with that money as you please, but here are some cost values so you all can keep track of how much money you are spending. Please note that these are not true values. Just estimates to keep everyone in the same playing field and to make this a unique challenge.

Note: If you wish you remove an existing attraction (ie tear it down and start over), there will be a "destruction" fee:

Here's the breakdown for how much that would cost per attraction if you wish to completely remove it:

Monster's Inc Laugh Floor - 30 Million
Astro Orbiter - 15 Million
Tomorrowland Transit Authority - 25 Million
Tomorrowland Speedway - 35 Million
Space Mountain - 60 Million
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin - 30 Million
Carousel of Progress - 35 Million

Note: If you wish to refurbish an existing attraction (ie improve it - see WDW Haunted Mansion OR replace the attraction but keep the same ride layout - see Frozen in Maelstrom), there will be a "refurbishment" fee based on the extent of your refurbishment:

Here's the breakdown for refurbishment fees with the key:

Small refurb - minor changes such as a narration change, audio adjustments, adding effects, etc
Medium refurb - solid changes such as enhanced AAs, improved visual effects, new paint job, etc
Large refurb - major changes such as adding scenes, advanced AAs, great overall experience, etc

Monster's Inc Laugh Floor
Small - 30 Million, Medium - 40 Million, Large - 50 Million
Astro Orbiter
Small - 15 Million, Medium - 20 Million, Large - 25 Million
Tomorrowland Transit Authority
Small - 25 Million, Medium - 35 Million, Large - 45 Million
Tomorrowland Speedway
Small - 35 Million, Medium - 45 Million, Large - 55 Million
Space Mountain
Small - 50 Million, Medium - 65 Million, Large - 80 Million
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
Small - 30 Million, Medium - 40 Million, Large - 50 Million
Carousel of Progress
Small -35 Million, Medium - 50 Million, Large - 65 Million

Also as a note if you want to refurb a shop/restaurant, or remove an existing shop/restaurant, you will just use the cost criteria for a new shop/restaurant. There will be no "destruction" fee for removing a shop/restaurant.

For example, if you wanted to remove Merchant of Venus (and replace it with another Shakespearean reference;)), it would cost you 10 Million, same price as a new medium shop. If you wanted to refurb it and keep the same theme, still 10 Million, just to keep things simple. Same goes for restaurants.

Buzz's Star Command - Small - 5 Million
Merchant of Venus - Medium - 10 Million
Mickey's Star Traders - Medium - 10 Million
Tomorrowland Light and Power (Space Mountain Shop) - Small - 5 Million

Auntie Gravities Galactic Goodies - Small -10 Million
Cool Ship - X-Small - 5 Million
Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe - Medium - 20 Million
The Lunching Pad at Rockettower Plaza - Small - 10 Million
Tomorrowland Terrace Cafe - Medium - 20 Million

Last Note: Here is a breakdown of the new attraction, shop, eatery costs. This list is taken straight from The Omega Challenge, so the same rules apply.

Small - minimal theme, little detail
Medium - well themed, good detail
Large - Very well themed, extensive detail
X-Large - Best themed, extensive detail

Dark Rides:
Small (ex: Pinocchio in DL) - 30 Million
Medium (ex: Peter Pan's Flight) - 45 Million
Large (ex: Haunted Mansion) - 60 Million
X-Large (ex: Mystic Manor) - 90 Million
New Technology in Small/Medium Ride (Ratatouille in DLP) - 80/90 Million
New Technology in Large/X-Large Ride (ex: Harry Potter) - 120/130 Million

Flat Rides:
Small (ex: Dumbo) - 15 Million
Medium (ex: Mater's Jamboree) - 20 Million
Large - 25 Million
X-Large - 30 Million --- I cannot think of any examples right now.

Water Rides:
Small (ex: Swan Boats) - 20 Million
Medium (ex: It's a small world) - 40 Million
Large (ex: Pirates of the Caribbean) - 60 Million
X-Large (ex: Kali River Rapids) - 75 Million

Roller Coasters:
Small (ex: Barnstormer) - 25 Million
Medium (ex: Seven Dwarf Mine Train) - 50 Million
Large (ex: Space Mountain) - 75 Million
X-Large (ex: Expedition Everest) - 100 Million

Misc Thrill Rides:
Tower of Terror - 140 Million
Radiator Springs Racers - 200 Million
Test Track - 300 Million

Medium (ex: Sum of All Thrills) - 40 Million
Large (ex: Star Tours) - 60 Million
X-Large (ex: Mission Space) - 75 Million

Extra Simulators:
3-D Simulator (ex: Star Tours 2) - 60 Million
3-D Ride (ex: Spider-Man) - 75 Million
3-D Dark Ride (ex: Toy Story Mania) - 80 Million
3-D Roller Coaster (Escape from Gringotts) - 100 Million
3-D Show (ex: Muppet Vision) - 40 Million
Motion Simulator ride (ex: Dinosaur) - 60 Million
Motion Simulator show (ex: Soarin') - 60 Million

Small (ex: Country Bear Jamboree) - 30 Million
Medium (ex: Hall of Presidents) - 40 Million
Large (ex: Beauty and the Beast) - 50 Million
X-Large (ex: Lights Motors Action) - 60 Million

Small (ex: Mickey's House) - 10 Million
Medium (ex: A WS pavilion) - 20 Million
Large (ex: Jungle Trek) - 30 Million

X-Small (ex: Dole Whip Stall) - 5 Million
Small (ex: Quick Service) - 10 Million
Medium (ex: Tony's Town Square) - 20 Million
Large (ex: Beast Castle) - 30 Million

Small - 5 Million
Medium - 10 Million
Large - 15 Million

Small - 5 Million
Medium - 7 Million
Large (ex: Tangled) - 10 Million

Meet and Greets:
Small - 5 Million
Medium - 10 Million
Large - 15 Million
New Tech M&G (Lucky the Dinosaur) - 15 Million

Hopefully this will give you enough information in order to make your individual expansion plans!

Now, since Team California won the Session 6 Concept Creation Challenge, as with every CC Challenge winner, they will receive an advantage...

@RMichael21 and @orlando678-, your budget will be the standard $400 Million. However, the members of the winning team in the last CC challenge, @TheOriginalTiki, @jdmdisney99, @DisneyPrincess1993, @tcool, and @Matt7187, will have a larger budget of $500 Million as a reward.

Challenge due Saturday June 13th at 7:00 PM EST. You have no presentation limits in this challenge.

And, just as a last message to contestants, if there's one thing you learned about this competition from this challenge is that just because you move on sessions, it doesn't mean that what you do in the past won't come back around in the end.... We'll leave you with that to ponder ;)
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