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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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They managed to make up time, so it was 9 hours 40 minutes. Still long...but it was supposed to be 30 minutes longer. They ended up landing only ten minutes later than intended with the delay.
Glad it worked out pretty well.


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Stuff like that isn't surprising, but it does make me regret being to rough on my toys as a kid and throw away the boxes. I bring that up because I grew up owning the original transformer toys Hasbro released. What I mean by Original transformer toys is Transformers have been around way before Michael Bay started to direct movies. Michael Bay graduated from college in the year the first Transformers movie came out.

The catch is I do own a lot of video games. A lot of my games really went up since I bought them. As far as my game collection goes, I do not give out the total of games I own or the worth.
I had all of these (some were different colors, but, the same model) and more, back in the day...never even crossed my young mind to hold onto ‘em and keep ‘em in good condition, ‘cause they could be worth a small fortune someday... :cyclops: ;):)



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That is a problem, but it does make me wonder how Wheel of Fortune handles giving out trips once they starting doing tapings again. Wheel of Fortune gives a good amount of trips during a season to the Caribbean including the Dominican Republic.

I'm pretty sure Wheel of Fortune does not want any of their contestants to be found dead on a trip they won on the show.
They’ll probably choose another island. As of now it appears this in only a problem in the DR

Wow, this really is insane. Good thing you canceled.
Yeah, this is so weird. It’s now been reported that over 100 people have been violently ill over the past few months, a few tested positive for salmonella, others were told a possible insecticide.

If that Hard Rock thing wouldn’t have happened, then I wouldn’t have cancelled., nor would many others I’m sure. Up until last week the headlines were only about a few deaths at 1 specific hotel.. now a lot more is coming out, at several resorts. Scary that it’s just being connected now.

Cesar R M

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This makes me angry... nothing from the CDC.. they haven’t even updated the page since May.. it’s probably time.

For what I've read, it was something in their drinks... all of them went to the same bar or had drinks that were prepared/served from that bar.

Kinda reminds me of 2 accidents that caused deaths directly blamed to The Coca Cola company. One of them in my country.
Where the coke factories, used a wrong formula of CO2 in the drinks.. and whoever drank this tainted batch died mere hours after drinking by different pulmonary problems.
I wonder if this is the case as well..


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Which reminds me... Has anyone seen the new VW bus. If you look in the dictionary under UGLY, there is a picture of it there. They are trying to hard to try and retro to us aging boomers. I left that era a long time ago.

View attachment 381377View attachment 381378

It's hard to tell if it's coming or going!
It is adorable. I'll love seeing them out on the road.


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@figmentfan423 , that was unusual about the King Arthur flour recall the other day. I have a 5-pound package of it in the cabinet, but I bought it about a year ago, and it's still sealed. Had good intentions when I bought it -- figured some day, I'd bake something, but guess I was in no rush. :p

I think mine might be o.k. I believe it's the more recent batches that they are recalling. Just seems odd that something like flour could have some weird bacteria in it.
And also look at that expiration date on the flour. Flour like eggs, the fresher the better and kept in a dry environment.


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I'm sure it's expired by now;) Not that anything in my house lasts long enough to expire:banghead:
I was helping with my sons last move. We hit up the grocery store and replaced some staples we had tossed. The last time I was there I threw out the sealed bag of flour purchased back then, over 2 years ago. Didn't replace.


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Funny, reminds me of my "curse".

For example, it RAINS .. EVERY.. SINGLE.. TIME during my last day of each trip.

And has been raining on the last day (even if it was not supposed to rain) for the past 20 years.

Rained on the last day of my cruise, then once was out of the cruise.. it stopped raining and was sunny.. until my last day before getting on my plane.
Even on this last flight from Houston.. It rained before boarding in Houston.

View attachment 381559

On the good side.. many times when we were told rain or hurricanes would ruin our trip.. it didnt..
Examples, first trip to Orlando to Disney World with my mother.. hurricane nearby, derailed north when we arrived.. not a single day of rain until the day we were leaving.

First Oasis and Last Oasis trips.. Hurricane and rains on the path... they all veered off or dissipated.
Last day, rained on both cruises as we arrived port or in the day we took the plane.

I think my first day the cruise started, It was on Philadelphia for a comic convention.
And its been happening since then.
I've been at Disney for 3 hurricanes, last one was Irma when WDW closed for 2 days but it was in the middle of the trip. It didn't ruin anything for us as guests. We were able to more in the parks before and after. Enjoyed the Wilderness Lodge for 2 days eating some wonderful meals and playing with all the Pups. Day three and we were back into the empty parks. It ruined nothing for us as guests, unfortunately for all the CMs that live in the area the outcome was not the same for all.


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8 now. Another hotel added to the list. Wow. Many others sick.
This is crazy.

The death count ticked to eight on Friday, when the family of a 78-year-old Ohio man revealed he died suddenly after dinner and drinks at the Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa.
Yah, I think you could find a better vacation spot, at least until all these incidents get resolved. That could definitely take time . . .

How about taking T to a National Park here in the U.S. for a summer vacation? I don't think you've mentioned those before, so it was just a brief thought that entered my mind.
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