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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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Me too. Not that it will help with Run Away but I just tripped across your Uni Suite for the second week of October...$148 if you want to go back down for some Halloween fun.
We are thinking of coming back here the week before Labor Day and doing Uni since we have ap’s here now with one MNSSP. We will see how things play out. But a week hotel stay is just over $1000. Dh thinks we should always stay here and drive to Disney. I really like the campground though. Our 8 nights on this vacation(uni and Disney campground combined) I think came to just over $1700.


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Some pics from yesterday. We did Studios, IoA, and went to the pool a bit. We took a boat to Portofino to see it. Ride lines were not terrible when we went back to IoA after dinner. We waited 5 minutes for Spiderman, ds and dh waited maybe 10 for Hulk. We did see the Animal Actors show. Dh spoke with one cast member because the CM had a tag that said he was from near where dh grew up. They spoke for about 15 minutes. He let us go in the Express Pass line as his guest. We got great seats.


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I agree, but it is not as bad what I had to deal with when was 9 going on 10 years old. I was a August baby and that summer had a record of 6 days over 100 degrees in the part of Wisconsin I live in:(. That summer had 55 straight days without rain also. I remembered that summer because it was the hotter summer on record besides I happened to have chicken pox that same summer with me ending up in the hospital a couple times due to not keeping down fluids, and very bad fever. As far as chicken pox, this happen in a era that there was not such a thing as chicken pox vaccine.

I know this year has cooler than normal for where I live in Wisconsin.

The problem this year it has been colder than normal for Door County based on what I read. Door County's cherry tree blossoms are going to bloom a week later than normal for that regional due to the weather. Cherries is one of Door County's big crops. The businesses are still selling cherry stuff though based on what I seen online some facebook pages this year such as cherry fritters, very cherry fudge, cherry strudel, cherry salsa, cherry chocolate chip cookies, Cherry Chocolate Cookie Dough Fudge, and cherry pies. I'm guessing there still is plenty of stuff not mentioned on facebook.
Love Bea's chopped cherry jam.
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