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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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Here is something that I think you will LOVE. :inlove: It's a walk back to 1962 . . .

A few days ago, I was blown away by how the old TWA terminal at JFK was converted into a hotel -- all retro with TWA accents, and some legit original features like the authentically restored TWA flight board in the "sunken" lounge. Wait until you see some of the amazing (preserved) features that the owner/designers highlighted in this masterpiece. By the way, many people were looking forward to staying here -- it was sold out on Day One!!

Time magazine put a (3 minute) awesome video together here (after the obligatory 1-minute commercial by another airline -- LOL ... talk about product placement? :p ) I clicked on it full screen and it was amazing--everything from the history to the recreation.

That was a really cool video. I flew from that airport and terminal as a kid. I got TWA wings once as a kid. Wish I would have kept them.


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Thanks for all the wedding well wishes! It was a good day albeit a strange one. We had no input into planning (nor did they ask for any money). And they definitely did it their way! Me being the stepmom definitely felt like the odd man out, but it’s just one day and I can suck it up buttercup! Here a few pictures.

View attachment 373352
View attachment 373353
Congratulations to them! Sometimes it is better to have no input. You can just enjoy.


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I came back home from 90 to 50 degree weather :(

Last Illuminations for me :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
Well, 90 is way too hot.

Sorry about your last time seeing Illuminations.

Other than the above, I hope you had a good trip. We didn't hear too much from you when you were there, so feel free to pass along any updates, at your convenience. I'm always interested in other people's reactions to what they experience there.


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I couldn’t even take any pictures from the Seuss Trolley so maybe it is a copyright thing? Or they don’t possibly want people dropping phones on guests down below. They had plenty of sweatshirts. They were all really nice. Oldest got a Hufflepuff embroidered sweatshirt. It is so soft. I totally think you are Ravenclaw.
No pics on trolley:( Put your kids in 373930


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Oh, and no pic of Emy’s church outfit today (I knew I shoulda’ took one right after mass). :(;) The kiddos had to split pretty quick to meet up with some friends, so oldest DD said she would send one later...but then, yep guessed it, there was another diaper blowout, so that outfit was kaput for the day...!!!!! :hilarious:;)
It has since been laundered, so oldest DD said she would put her back in it tomorrow and send a pic...!!!!!!! :joyfull::inlove::happy:;):)
I’m such a silly ol’ Pappy...!!!!! :hilarious::D;):)


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And the price cannot be beat. Under 200 a night for a suite that sleeps 6.
WOW, Indeed!!!!! :)
The family suites at ASMusic are starting at $260/night, and the ones at AoA are starting at $348/night...!!!!!!! ;)
Of course the family suites at ASMusic were much cheaper when we first stayed there in ‘07, and, with my 60% CM discount at AoA and ASMusic during our summers of ‘12 and ‘13 trips, respectively. We stayed in regular rooms in the ASMusic Jazz section for our Feb. of ‘16 Princess 5K trip, and IIRC, they were already right at about $200/night.
Under $200/night for a family suite at a resort that seems as sweet ;) as Cabana Bay is AWESOME...!!!!!!! :joyfull::)


Ivory Tower Squabble EST 2011. WINDMILL SURVIVOR
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ABC's Jimmy Kimmel on May 22 8pm Eastern Time will host:
A remake of an episode of All in the Family and The Jefferson's with Norman Lear's bless along with Lear's request for Woody Harrelson to be cast as Archie Bunker and the balance of the cast are 'A' list actors for both episodes. It promises both episodes will be verbatim scripts from the originally aired episodes.

I watched both of these shows but have to admit I quite certain when they aired originally much went over my head. I'm very curious to find out which episodes they chose to remake.


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Well, 90 is way too hot.
I agree, but it is not as bad what I had to deal with when was 9 going on 10 years old. I was a August baby and that summer had a record of 6 days over 100 degrees in the part of Wisconsin I live in:(. That summer had 55 straight days without rain also. I remembered that summer because it was the hotter summer on record besides I happened to have chicken pox that same summer with me ending up in the hospital a couple times due to not keeping down fluids, and very bad fever. As far as chicken pox, this happen in a era that there was not such a thing as chicken pox vaccine.

I know this year has cooler than normal for where I live in Wisconsin.

The problem this year it has been colder than normal for Door County based on what I read. Door County's cherry tree blossoms are going to bloom a week later than normal for that regional due to the weather. Cherries is one of Door County's big crops. The businesses are still selling cherry stuff though based on what I seen online some facebook pages this year such as cherry fritters, very cherry fudge, cherry strudel, cherry salsa, cherry chocolate chip cookies, Cherry Chocolate Cookie Dough Fudge, and cherry pies. I'm guessing there still is plenty of stuff not mentioned on facebook.
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