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ridiculous how your prices are pretty similar to Mexico.

Around 4 avocados (1 Kg) is around 60 to 80 pesos depending on what the local big retailers say)
You can get them waaay cheaper if you drive near the avocado farms or the street vendors (like half the price)
That is just wrong.


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Aldi is literally next door to Albert Heijn...they share a building. And I walk to the store, so there's no gas money. I do buy some things at Aldi, but not much...and the cashiers at Albert Heijn are SO much nicer. I don't know why, but the majority of the people at our Aldi seem annoyed if you ask a question like....where to find something, or if something is just out of stock or if it's gone forever. The ones at Albert Heijn bend over backwards to try to help you, and if they can't answer your question, they'll go get one of the managers to help you. That's probably just our Aldi though. I'm betting it's not like that everywhere. I went in once, and they don't have baskets, and I had just gone in for one thing, so I hadn't gotten a cart. The carts are outside and you have to have a 1 euro coin to get one out (you get it back when you return the cart). So I got the one item I needed, and I was walking through and I remembered I needed peanut butter, so I grabbed a jar, and then I saw something else I needed. I was trying to hold it all, but the peanut butter slipped and fell and the jar broke. I felt really bad and I offered to pay for it, plus the new jar but the cashier chewed me out about not getting a cart, and was just really mean about it. You'd have thought I ran over someone's pet the way she scolded me, and I was like...look, if you don't want people to carry things, provide baskets. I did not need a cart for 3 items...I'm just a clutz. It's not like I purposely dropped it, and I offered to pay for it since it was my fault.
Anyway, I just avoid Aldi if I can. Like I said, maybe it's just our Aldi...maybe others are 100 times better. I just dislike going in there. It gives me a really bad vibe and I can't wait to leave, and the lines are always really long. Now I want to go to one in the US just to compare.
it's retail.


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The ones in the US also do not have baskets and you have to deposit a quarter to get a cart.

I bring a reuseable shopping bag with me and use that as my basket. I put things into it while I shop, then I put them on the belt, and right back into it.
I keep a couple of quarters in the door of the car for Aldi shopping;) We always fill a cart:banghead:


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Glad to hear this from a technical person like yourself. I think too many people assume they have to upgrade all the time. What bothers me is all the waste (and I'm not just talking about phones, specifically). When I was growing up, my parents and grandparents would hardly ever throw out something that could be repaired or repurposed. Getting anything "new" was a big deal to our family.
Same thing here.

I know my dad got cigar boxes and used for lots of stuff to store things in. I know my dad mentioned many years back that he got empty cigar boxes and wanted to use them for storing stuff even back when he still was a smoker. My dad was a cigarette smoker when he was a smoker before he quit in his 30s.. I'm sure most or all boxes my dad got were given to him empty since the only time he had cigars was to pass them out when my younger brother and I were born.

I remembered my dad had my younger brother and I store baseball cards in Cigar box. My parents even stored office supplies around the house in Cigar boxes including markers. When my mom was doing her one craft fair of the year, My dad had my mom use a cigar box for storing her change and dollars bills.

I know when I was a kid, we bought plenty of wooden crates with soda in them. We kept all the crates. My dad used them storing storing stuff in the crates in garage, and to store items in the pantry down the basement.
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Did they really expect people not to do their homework and just accept the pricey estimate? I don't know many who blindly say "OK" just because a repairman says that's what it's going to cost. But good for you on looking it up and fixing it yourselves!
Really glad to hear it worked out for them, too. , :) Just to mention here, that sometimes it can also go the other way--people end up damaging something, and ending up paying more in the end to have it done by a repair person.

I think the trick is to research well (like you said), but if the job appears like it might be too much for an untrained person to do, it might be worth hiring someone. All depends upon the job itself, of course.
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