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Kenny alluded to EMH Night elimination over the weekend but held back he stated until he could confirm. So I guess we have conflicting sources.

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Magic Kingdom to eliminate Evening Extra Magic Hours…/magic-kingdom-will-elimin…/


Magic Kingdom will eliminate Evening Extra Magic Hours -
Recently, I was informed that the Magic Kingdom will eliminate Late Extra Magic hours for onsite guests. It caught me a bit off guard, so I wanted to to further research. According to what I’m seeing, it does appear to be true. Here’s the details: Switching Evening to Morning According to my sou...
I wouldn't be surprised though... I mean, they are making money on "after hours" parties, and it seems like they will lean towards that.


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cost cuts again?
No I don't think so. There hasn't been many EMH Evenings at the MK for a while especially August through December. Too many conflicts. Now with the hard ticket hours it may just be better to tack them onto the mornings. I'm not a big fan of EMH Evenings at the MK cause it is so freaking crowded at night.

And with this in mind Disney has not stated this yet but it also is unusual for Disney not to be the first to break their own news.


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The Loma Prieta earthquake was a huge event in my childhood, destroying many of our historic buildings and causing some poor lady to die while going pee int he bookshop. For us, it's one of those defining moments where you know exactly where you were and what you were doing.

It didn't make the list below but only barely below these others at a 6.9.

We were in WDW when the Earthquake hit the SanFran area in late 80's or early 90's.
We were back at the hotel waiting for World Series game he wanted to watch and poof the feed went out and didn't come back. He was annoyed. Me I went downstairs with the kid to find a snack and saw the news on in the lobby about the Earthquake and the Series being put on hold.
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