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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

Cesar R M

Well-Known Member
Thanks for doing a tr. I loved all the pictures and your commentary. I remember you mentioning how the campus was closed so that you couldn’t take the test. Rotten planning on the companies part. Glad that the cruise was a great vacation for your family. Seemed like you all had a wonderful time. :)
The facepalming thing was when they finally knowledge their mistake.. they told me to "come back in one week to get the exam again". and I'm like "lol no" as prices of planes skyrocketed.

I then just moved the test to June where I am going to get my cochlear implant calibration in Houston.

so.. two birds.. one stone.

Cesar R M

Well-Known Member
I had no idea being Mexican makes things more difficult.
Its a mixture of internalized racism, being worried about trusting a person from this country (with all the rumors flying of drug dealers, rapists..etc..) and the low level of education of the country.
Id say that for every prepared man in the country, there are like 20 who claims to "know". and 100 who do not know anything at all.

Cesar R M

Well-Known Member
According to the moderator, “He was banned because his complaint crossed the line into a profanity laden rant and also contained personal attacks. He also requested that his account be deleted.”
So we can now wave our hands and say "Bye Felicia!" ? :hilarious:

In the other hand, I now wonder what they gossip behind our backs in the premiun only section of the forum.
I know some of the sagat thread hated me for not "joining them" and refusing to leave this thread.

I really hate these inter-forum dramas. Specially when they force others to choose a side.


Well-Known Member
Thank you! Another day of resting and decluttering, followed by dinner out.
I hope you are having a nice weekend, too.
I am indeed having a nice weekend. My wife is decorating the house with "Cute Easter stuff" and I'm enjoying some relax time in my favorite chair :)
Earlier she used her air fryer to make us fried fish fillet sandwiches on a croissant.358865
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