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I just got an HP :hilarious: This is my second PC since college. My first PC was a Toshiba and hated it. New hard drive within the first couple months. Blue screen of death during my last week of school. Then I went to a Apple and it lasted 10 years. Unfortunately, they're a bit too much money today.
I hope it works out for you.

The hard drive failing after 18 months was my favorite experience. 🙄 My work laptop is an HP. I also do not like it. I've discovered that if I don't shut it down completely at the end of every day, it doesn't want to work the next day. Annoying.

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We also had HP printers that lasted for many years. After that, most printer prices came down so other brands were used, and lasted a few years at the most. (I don't know if all of the present HP models are the same quality, or if they vary widely, depending upon current price.) Hubs is the techie; I just use whatever brand he buys.

I think all toner prices are ridiculous, though. When toner costs more than some cheaper printers, you just have to shake your head in disbelief. :rolleyes:
I think the problem with HP is that they were the first to introduce planned forced obsolescence in their units and counters in their chips.

forced obsolescence is when the printer counts ANY print job as "use" of the print head. And regardless of the state of the print head. It will STOP printing and block everything unless you buy a new print head or in some cases,a whole new printer.

Then the counters in their ink cartridges via chips. They also count how many prints and time instead of the real capacity of the ink cartridges.
Forcing you to throw away up to 25% of the very expensive ink in each cartridge based on that idiotic and greedy arbitrary system.


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I believe it is what they use in the carts around the world.

i think you are right. I usually get some of this but didn’t with this order. I think I have a bag still at Home.


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You would think. 🙄

I keep reminding him that Sheldon once spent an hour on hold with HP customer service just to complain about their customer difference. I have regretted buying every HP product I've ever owned.
Funny....we've never had a problem with our HP product, but we spent MONTHS dealing with the Lenovo tablet that E bought. We brought it back and had it replaced, the new one did the same thing. We took it back again and they try to repair it....she gets it back, it still does it. She sends it back again, this time they give her a loaner, same does the exact same thing as the one she bought. Store policy is that you have to have the same problem with the one before they will give you your money back. After the I-don't-know-how-manyeth-time we brought it back, we made them give her her money back and she bought a Samsung instead. We won't ever buy Lenovo agian.


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On the bright side, it was all going to go down the drain eventually anyway. He just quickened the process. A more direct route, so to speak. And seriously, after all these years you still leave things that he might interpret as food out on the table. I think we all know who's to blame here. ;)

But, but . . . coffee is not food!! In all the years of him living with us, this dog has never gone for a package of ground coffee!!! :jawdrop: He just gets weirder by the day.

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