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Isn't this early snow just blissful?! ❤️ North of Boston area, we got about 3 1/2-4 inches where I live. I was suprised it was the heavy, wet snow, as the weather people thought we might just get light snow on lawns and trees. But this actually turned into a nice little storm, I must say. I went out a few times, enjoying shoveling. I also drove to the grocery store. :happy:
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A lot of women that CCW in their purse forget the gun is even there. That's one of the biggest reasons I hate when people do this. A lot of people who ccw are so used to it that they forget about it going through security checks. It makes no sense though not to wear the purse like a normal human, walk up to brother and whisper in his ear, then everyone leave the security line. They wouldn't have known. Leaving a six year old with a chambered round is how so many kids die every year.

The Parks prohibit guns so even with a ccw it's illegal to bring one in. Not just irresponsible
Clearly she didn't forget though. Had she forgotten, she would have just gone through security and they would have found it. (That happened to me at DLP with my dad's pocket knife. My dad had just died a few months before and I had been carrying around his pocket knife just to feel close to him, to remind me of him. I got to security and they found it when I forgot I even had it with me and I took it back to the resort and then went back through security) And she didn't have a permit to carry anyway, but who leaves a child in charge of a loaded gun?? I worry about the traumatizing must it be to be all excited to go to Disney and get to ride all the things you've been looking forward to, and see characters, and instead watch your mom get arrested and banned from ever going to Disney in the future? I think it would probably turn a kid off would always associate it with your mom getting arrested. And then since DCF was called, there's every possibility that he could be removed from the home if they determine it's not a safe environment for him. He's the one who pays the price for her stupidity.

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You already ate all of it;)
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