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Interesting antidote

Ash Wednesday here. We have been so told and informed by the Archdiocese of Chicago that plant based meats like impossible burgers are not to be consumed on days that meat is being abstained during our
Lent season. Reasoning “plant based meat is meat.”

:rolleyes: catholic church


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Manuals are simples once you get the hang of it.
Auto's are for lazy peeps 😉
The rule in my house was you couldn't get a license until you could drive both manual and automatic. do an oil change
I cheated a bit by learning on a C150
, change a tire, jump start a car and read a map. As far as map reading goes both my boys can do so, even my older ds can do it a bit. Phineas taught car jumping to the boys


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They probably think that it is the moral equivalent of meat. Let them try one and they will soon realize having to eat one of those is additional punishment and sacrifice. When I was very young, I gave up giving up things for Lent. That was way back in the years when Fridays were fish days anyway. So it wasn't all that different then just regular life. And also when I learned to hate salmon. My other used to make something, salmon gravy I think, from canned salmon complete with edible bones, not good when you are around 8 years old!
:hungover: how dreadful:hungover::hungover::hungover: I may be as lapsed as one can get but I do make proper fish on Friday this time of year. This week it's fish and chips


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I learned to drive a stick shift and had a 1956 Chevy 2dr 327 engine and 4 on the floor prior to entering the service in 68. Loved that car and loved the manual trans just fun to drive, hard to find a stick shift these days
I first learned to drive in a ‘63 International Harvester pickup with 3 on the tree.
I drove 5-speed manuals for about 27 consecutive years, and loved them. Generally, better gas mileage and, at one time anyway, about $800-$1000 less on sticker price, although we haven’t bought a new car in decades. I know that there are still plenty of folks drivin’ manual tranny vehicles, at least around these parts. I taught my DWifey to drive stick (minds outta’ the gutter, please...except mine, obviously :cautious::D:hilarious::cautious:) shortly before we were married. She’s very proficient at it. The only reason the car I’m now drivin’ isn’t stick is ‘cause it was given to us...manual tranny or not, a free car is a free car...!!!!! :D;):hilarious:
My pop owned both a ‘55 Chevy and a ‘57 Chevy with a Power Pack (4 bbl carb, dual exhaust, and I also believe a more high performance cam, solid lifters, and lighter and larger intake and exhaust valves). To this day, pop regrets sellin’ the ‘57.
Your ‘56 sounds SWEET...!!! :)
Although, obviously, not original, as the largest small block V-8 you could get that year was the 265 c.i., and the only manual tranny offered was 3 on the tree. Yours definitely sounds like a higher performer...!!! :)
Do ya’ have any pics ya’ can share...?

Anyhoo, pops ‘57 Chevy looked pretty much like the one below. If you look really close you can see some of the gold trim that designated it as a Power Pack option. The pick below that shows the touches of gold trim more clearly...!!! :)



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OK, minus about 3.55 secs., but, commercial break on AMC during “Ghostbusters II”.....


Not as crazy as Freeforms 6:15 that I’ve posted at least twice before, but, geez...!!! :facepalm:
And, as I’ve posted before, I remember commercial breaks in my youth bein’ about 90-120 secs., even if it was one of the 3 major networks of the time showin’ a popular old movie on TV. You had to use the potty and get some more popcorn pretty darn fast...!!!!! :hilarious:
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