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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance


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Do ya'll think 2-3 years down the road RoTR will be more stable with less broken effects or will it be worse than it is now?

My personal fear is this - B-mode Yeti is good enough, so B-mode Rise will be good enough... eventually, and since I didn't get to ride in March, I may never see this fully armed and operational battle sta... I mean, fully functioning attraction. ;)


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I think it will get better. Nearly every new E-Ticket of the last five years from Disney and Universal has faced significant issues during the first few years of operation. The tradeoff of pushing the limits of technology is that sometimes it pushes back.

It will be interesting to see if there are any significant compromises to the experience to reach that state. At the moment, when it's running on all cylinders it seems to be that all the opening day effects are still functioning as intended. Most E-tickets wind up dropping something here or there that just wasn't ready for daily operation.


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Do ya'll think 2-3 years down the road RoTR will be more stable with less broken effects or will it be worse than it is now?
It should get better. But as technology grows (cell phones for example) it may cause issues. I used to work a ride that after a few years, cell phones (specifically over seas) would now run on the same frequency the ride censors did and cause issues. And I still personally think is what causes some issues with rise now.


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Yes, sadly, that is true. Insultingly bad. There is a point when something is over eingener Ed for just the sake of tech. Clearly, all the tech in that choice provides no worthwhile experience.
The only 2 good things about that entire "attraction" are the que and the tunnel effect at the start of the ride. The rest is just so bad, and I love Kong over in Islands of Adventures. Such a poor choice of ride system for a Fast and the Furious attraction.

TJ Vazquez

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Watched it tonight Martin! It was great as always, much kudos to you!
I'll piggy back on this sentiment, great work as always. I really enjoy the background and detail given on areas of the park this was proposed before landing on where it ended up, thanks again for the great work @marni1971 👍

It was so interesting, my wife actually watched the whole thing with me this time!


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Off topic but didn't someone mention a while back about a ramp (referring to the Falcon at SWGE)?


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